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Chapter 3063: Triumph in the First Battle (6)

In reality, just meeting Huang Yueli’s gaze made those devils turn cold.

They exchanged gazes and without any hesitation, turned around to run away!

“Hey, hey, hey, don’t run!!”

Huang Yueli raised her hand and threw a few flying daggers, stabbing one of them to death.

But when those devil soldiers escaped, they split up into different directions. So she couldn’t possibly chase after all of them.

Moreover, seeing her killing one devil immediately when she struck, those devil soldiers weren’t fools. So they ran with all their might, wishing that they had an extra pair of legs so that they could run even faster!

Huang Yueli’s lips tugged, as she stared at those human soldiers who were still in a daze.

“Why are all of you still in a daze? Where are you guys? Aren’t you going to chase after them? Those are all military merits!”

“Those are all military merits!!”

Hearing that sentence, the human soldiers instantly jumped up and ran out from the haystacks at the granary. They raised their weapons and chased after the devil soldiers.

Huang Yueli shook her head speechlessly. “These soldiers are too timid. Moreover, the cultivation methods they train are a little too lousy! They need to spend so much effort to kill same levelled devil soldiers. Looks like I have to train them properly…”

Just as she was silently pondering over this, the human soldiers had annihilated most of the devils.

They returned to the granary and crowded around Huang Yueli. Then they studied her carefully, as their eyes were filled with worship!

“Team Leader Li, you’re so incredible! That is an Earth Devil. Moreover, he’s already nearing the stage of Earth Devil mid-phase. Yet he’s not even your match!”

“Yes, that’s right! Team Leader Li, your cultivation should at least be in Dream Profound Realm end-phase, right? Or have you already advanced into Heart Profound Realm??”

“A person of your ability taking up the position as our Team Leader is a waste of your talents!”

“We were wrong for being disrespectful towards you in the past. Please be magnanimous and don’t take offense against us!”

The human soldiers’ attitudes towards Huang Yueli were totally different right now!

From the start, they might seem as though they were obeying Huang Yueli’s orders. But everyone despised the team leader who popped out from nowhere! But now, after witnessing Huang Yueli’s true power, who would still dare to despise her?

Moreover, after careful deliberation, Huang Yueli was rather good to them.

Before the battle, she distributed a piece of high-quality Spirit Armament to each of them. After she killed the Earth Devil, she didn’t fight with them over the military merit. She left the remaining ordinary devil soldiers to each of them.

This time, each soldier had obtained at least two devil stones. This was considered as an abundant reward.

There were so many advantages to following Huang Yueli. So Team 3’s soldiers were all convinced by her.

Huang Yueli swept them a glance and said indifferently, “I’ve already said this long ago. As long as you listen to me, you will get your well-deserved military merits! Even if you are disrespectful towards me behind my back, I can’t be bothered about it as well. But whoever dares to escape when they meet a strong opponent in the future, don’t blame me for being tough on you! Let me put this straight. Those who defect will be punishable by the death penalty according to military regulations!”

When they met the Earth Devil earlier, if the human soldiers could line up into a standard formation to fight against the Earth Devil’s attack together, they might not be able to kill the Earth Devil. But they would be able to fight against him for a long time.

But these human soldiers chose to turn around and escape!