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Chapter 3062: Triumph in the First Battle (5)

“Does he feel that dying so quickly isn’t enough?”

As expected, when the Earth Devil heard that, he was thoroughly enraged!

“Damn human, what did you say? Just your petite little body and you want to kill me?? I think you must be tired of living! I must capture you and refine you into a blood pill!”

The Earth Devil hooted and raised the broad axes in his hands, striking towards Huang Yueli’s head.

His thick legs stepped firmly on the ground and gave off vibrating sounds which were astonishingly imposing.

All the human soldiers sucked in a breath of cold air!

The Earth Devil in front of them was much stronger than those they had met in the past!

However, Huang Yueli was still rooted to the ground. It seemed as though she was completely shocked and unable to respond at all.

“Our new Team Leader is a goner for sure!”

Some of them even covered their eyes, not daring to continue looking.

But the next scene was totally out of everyone’s expectations.

Just as the broad axe’s sharp blade was three inches away from Huang Yueli’s head, she turned her shoulder slightly and shifted a little to the side.

The wind from the broad axe grazed past her shoulder, but it didn’t even cut her clothes at all!

Immediately following that, Huang Yueli moved lightly. It looked as though she only moved slightly, but she easily shifted to the back of the Earth Devil.

Her wrist flipped and a small but sharp dagger appeared in her palm.

A cold glint flashed!

Before the Earth Devil’s sinister sneer disappeared, he immediately roared out in misery. His entire body trembled vigorously.

“Damn it! Human, come out. I’m going to kill you!!”

The Earth Devil turned around abruptly and brandished his broad axes. The broad axes danced across the sky, giving off bursts of air-splitting sounds. That made the practitioners who were looking at them feel their blood turning cold!

The Earth Devil’s strength was so powerful and the broad axes were so heavy. As long as one was hit by it, that person would either end up dead or injured!

However, no matter how hard the Earth Devil attacked, Huang Yueli was like a lively little bird. She kept hopping to his side, as though she was dancing without any fear or fluster. As for those two broad axes, none of it managed to hit her at all.

On the contrary, the little dagger in her hand stabbed the Earth Devil’s body again and again. Very soon, his blood was spurting out!

After a quarter of an hour later, the Earth Devil was losing more and more blood and his consciousness slowly turned hazy. He was also becoming lethargic. In the end, he couldn’t control his own body and fell flat on the ground, motionless.

Huang Yueli took a look at the Earth Devil’s corpse.

“Phew… I’m so tired! The Earth Devil’s defense power is very strong! Just relying on my Profound Skill, instead of using mechanisms to support, to kill an Earth Devil is really not easy…” Huang Yueli mumbled to herself silently, reflecting on her carelessness!

There were many different races among the demon tribes and each race’s innate talent were different. Some were better in attacks while others were proficient in speed.

The one she encountered today was a race that was outstanding in defense. So killing him, as compared with the other Earth Devils that she had met previously, took slightly more effort.

If she had known that it was so troublesome, she should have done some preparations before rushing up.

Huang Yueli dug out the devil stone from the Earth Devil’s eyebrows and kept her dagger before walking back.

There were several ordinary devil soldiers around but none of them dared to exact revenge for their fallen leader.