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Chapter 3061: Triumph in the First Battle (4)

Since this amount of military merit was not of any use to her, she might as well give the chance to those ordinary soldiers!

Just as Huang Yueli was waiting heedlessly, she suddenly heard bursts of shocked cries coming from the forest. Immediately following that, those human soldiers whose morale ran high earlier actually came running back in a disheveled state!

Huang Yueli frowned slightly. “What’s going on? Could there be trouble?”

The soldiers saw Huang Yueli on the haystack from afar and started shouting.

“Team Leader, quickly… quickly run! There’s… an Earth Devil on the Demon Tribe’s side!”

“We’re done for, we’re done for! We’re not his match at all!”

“Help, help!”

Huang Yueli looked closely and indeed saw a tall Earth Devil brandishing two broad axes in his hands, chasing right after those human soldiers.

From his fierce and sinister look, it seemed that his ability wasn’t weak at all. He was probably at the realm of Earth Devil mid-phase.

Huang Yueli’s figure flickered as she jumped down from the haystack.

“You guys are so useless. It’s just an Earth Devil, is it worth making such a huge commotion? Everyone, hurry up and enter the granary!”

After she said that, she charged right towards the Earth Devil.

The human soldiers didn’t expect Huang Yueli to do that. Instead of leading them to escape, she ran right towards the Earth Devil. Her operation left everyone stunned.

“Team… Team Leader Li, this… what is he trying to do?”

“Team Leader Li, quickly come back! The disparity between our abilities is too huge. Rushing over like that is akin to digging your own grave!”

Some slightly experienced soldiers even started to analyze the situation. “It’s our bad luck to meet with an Earth Devil. But if we activate the array and guard the granary with our lives, there’s still hope for us to complete this mission by the time reinforcements arrive!”

However, Huang Yueli wasn’t listening to them at all.

She worked up her Agility Dance Steps and her movements were extremely fast. It only took an instant for her to reach the Earth Devil.

The Earth Devil raised his broad axes and was about to hit a young human’s head.

The human soldier cried out in terror, but it was already too late to escape.

Just as he shut his eyes to wait for death, a burst of flame suddenly shot out from his back, hitting precisely on the Earth Devil’s broad axe.


Sparks splattered.

The Earth Devil sensed a huge impact coming from his weapon which made his arm feel numb and almost lost his grip on the broad axes.

He had a rude shock and retreated several steps. “Who… who is that??”

Huang Yueli quickly grabbed the human soldier’s collar and threw him in the granary’s direction.

Following that, she stepped forward several steps and walked in front of the Earth Devil. “Why would you bother about who I am? You only need to know that today will be the day that you will die!”

The human soldiers had already hidden into the granary and activated the defense array. Only then did they heave a sigh of relief.

But everyone pricked up their ears as their eyes widened while looking in Huang Yueli’s direction.

Naturally, all of them heard what Huang Yueli said.

For a moment in time, all the human practitioners’ jaws almost dropped on the ground.

“Has our new Team Leader gone crazy? How does he even dare to say that to an Earth Devil!!”

“Even Zheng Yichuan doesn’t dare to fight one-to-one with an Earth Devil. His ability was weaker than Zheng Yichuan’s. Facing off alone would surely result in a defeat. But he even said such provocative things!”