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Chapter 3022 Join Hands (4)

Huang Yueli was surprised that the human Spiritual Alchemist agreed so readily.

But she didn’t have time to think too much since the enemy had almost chased up to them.

“Alright, then I’ll attack first. Take note to protect yourself and support me by attacking from the side!”

Saying that, Huang Yueli’s right hand lifted and a burst of True Phoenix Fire flew out from her palm!

The demon tribe practitioner who ran first was caught off guard and was hit. He gave off a miserable cry. Apparently, he was badly injured.

Huang Yueli didn’t expect a casual move to have such destructive power and went into a short blank.

The human Spiritual Alchemist chased up to her and he asked when he saw the situation. “That’s the True Phoenix Fire, right? The demon tribe is most afraid of this! True Phoenix Fire has a purification function and the demon tribe’s soul and spirit can’t take the might of the purification. Burn him a few more times! These two demon tribesmen are Earth Devils, and their abilities are much higher than ours!”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli didn’t dare to slack and immediately summoned a large amount of True Phoenix Fire to attack the demon tribe.

Although she didn’t understand the situation on the battlefield against the demon tribe, she knew that there was a ranking of abilities in the demon tribe. They were also segregated into ordinary devil soldiers, Earth Devils, Sky Devils, and Devil Overlords.

Earth Devils were equivalent to God clan and the human race’s Heart Profound Realm top exponents. Whereas she and the human Spiritual Alchemists were only in Dream Profound Realm. Just based on cultivation alone, it was impossible to match the enemy.

Luckily, Huang Yueli’s True Phoenix Fire could obviously curb the demon tribe. Moreover, her god grade innate talent in controlling the flame was several times more in displaying the might of it! Hence, they were totally not losing out in the battle.

The human Spiritual Alchemist followed tightly behind as he also launched attacks at the two Earth Devils.

When he struck, Huang Yueli was astounded and saw him in a new light.

The air was filled with Earth attributed energy. Under his control, it instantly caused an intense tremor, giving off a strong aura.

One had to know that Earth attributed energy was commonly used to treat. In terms of defense, it’s not bad. But for attacks, there was no way to compare it with fire or thunder attributes.

However, this gentle Earth attribute had such invasive power in the hands of the human Spiritual Alchemist!

Before the demon tribe could react, several land parcels had arched on the ground suddenly.

A few thick tree roots popped out from the ground like whips and swept towards the two demon tribe practitioners at an astonishing speed.

They jumped up in a fluster, wanting to avoid this powerful attack. But they had just retreated several steps back when they heard the cracking sounds in the air from their backs once again!

Another few tree roots swept towards their backs from the reverse direction!

The two devils hurriedly changed their direction once again.

However, no matter how hard they tried, it seemed to be useless.

The location that they were in right now was a vast forest that was not lacking in trees. No matter which direction they ran in, there would be trees next to them.

The human Spiritual Alchemist summoned innumerable tree roots, chasing behind them tightly and attacking them on the left and right.

Just when the two devils managed to hide a little further and prepare to counter-attack, they were suppressed by Huang Yueli’s True Phoenix Fire.

Huang Yueli and the human Spiritual Alchemist had tacit cooperation. Initially, they were not used to it. But later on, their cooperation increasingly became more well-coordinated.

Under their continuous attacks, the injuries on the two demon tribe practitioners grew from bad to worse. In the end, they finally lay dead on the ground.