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Chapter 3018 Who Do You Think You Are? (8)

The invincible Lieutenant Jing in their hearts had… had been defeated by someone!

Moreover, it was a pretty boy who popped out from god-knows-where!

Jing Shaoyuan stared at Li Moying for a while and hissed through the slits of his teeth, “God grade genius… indeed live up to your reputation!”

Li Moying swept a glance back, “You’re not too bad as well. But if you want to be my senior, you’re still a little lacking!”

The human soldiers all felt exasperated when they heard that, but had no way to rebuke him.

At this moment, no one could claim that they were not convinced after they heard the things that Li Moying said!

He had already used his ability to show his authority.

Jing Shaoyuan gritted his teeth as he looked at Li Moying

He had already been defeated by Li Moying in public, so there was no way that he could renege on his words. But he was not resigned to the result at all.

“You’re indeed powerful, god grade genius’s innate talent indeed can be described as heaven-defying. But today I’ve lost to you mainly because I’ve underestimated you! Moreover, I still have plenty of unique skills that I’ve not used. If you think that you can dominate all the geniuses in God Realm, you are wrong! The next time we fight again, I will definitely win you!”

Li Moying’s gaze turned slightly cold and said indifferently, “I’ve never thought of it in this way. You’re the one who’s saying it.”

Jing Shaoyuan heard his tone and his face turned from green to white.

Li Moying’s words were flat with no emotions, but it was extremely hurtful than any other kind of sneering!

Because he had obviously not thought of any other geniuses in high regard. Neither did he have any intention to fight with them.

He was the one who insisted on picking a fight with Li Moying and was eventually defeated. This was akin to putting his face out to let other people slap him! In other words, this action was no different from acting like an idiot.

Li Moying couldn’t be bothered about what he was thinking. He waved his hand to Li Tian Yi and the others, expressing for them to follow him. Then he turned and headed towards the warzone.

Seeing Li Moying about to leave, those trained human soldiers’ first reaction was to draw out their weapons to block their way. “Let them go!”

Jing Shaoyuan commanded loudly.

The soldiers backed down and gave way to them.

Li Moying didn’t say a word and led his men forward.

Jing Shaoyuan’s voice was heard coming from his back. “The demon tribe are brutal and savage. The area that they control lurks with danger everywhere. Even if you have outstanding power, you might not be able to come out safely. But there are several allied armies’ strongholds in the warzone. If you

stronghold to seek for help.”

Hearing that, Li Moying’s footsteps took a halt and he turned around.

Jing Shaoyuan scoffed, “Don’t lose your life on the demon tribe’s battlefield. The God Realm Tournament will be held six months later, and I will get my revenge then!”

Li Moying’s lips curled upwards. “Lieutenant Jing, please be assured. Since you like to be beaten so much, I will surely grant you this



Jing Shaoyuan’s anger that had been suppressed instantly rose again. He couldn’t wait to dash up and have a fight with him.

Alas, Li Moying decisively turned around and left after he finished talking, leading his men away in huge strides.

Jing Shaoyuan’s hand gripped tightly on his cutlass.

“Lieu… Lieutenant Jing…” A guard carefully walked over. “What do you want? He’s already left, why are you guys still crowded around here for!” Jing Shaoyuan shouted angrily.