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Chapter 3014 Who Do You Think You Are? (4)

He thought for a moment and said, “Lieutenant Jing, the friend who has gone missing is extremely important to me, and I must enter the demon tribe’s control area! You can just treat it as if you didn’t see us at all. After we enter the warzone, our life or death has nothing to do with you.”

Jing Shaoyuan sneered upon hearing that, “Nothing to do with me? You’re the god grade genius from Cloudy Qilin Clan! If you really die in here, won’t Cloudy Qilin Clan seek trouble with me?”

Li Moying frowned. “The clan’s Elders aren’t aware that I am in Blessed City. Moreover, we Cloudy Qilin Clan aren’t unreasonable. Our lives would be hanging on a thread if we entered the war with the demon tribe. Why would we pin the blame on you?”

“Even so, I also can’t let you enter.” Jing Shaoyuan’s lips curled upwards, and his attitude was extremely firm.

“Orders are orders, so when I say you can’t enter means you can’t enter! Who knows if you are a spy sent by the demon tribe? If I let you go in and an accident happens on the battlefield, I won’t be able to take up this responsibility! I only have one thing to say, please go back!”

Jing Shaoyuan’s firm attitude made Li Moying unable to remain composed.

He was extremely anxious over Huang Yueli’s disappearance. If it wasn’t because of the relationship between the two god clans and the regulations in the army, he would have disregarded everything and dashed in!

He didn’t expect Jing Shaoyuan to go through a round of interrogation and still refused to let him through!

This was simply treating him like a fool!

Jing Shaoyuan even insinuated that he was the demon tribe’s spy? Saying that was an obvious attempt to provoke him.

Li Moying’s attitude also became firm. His gaze turned cold and his tone was hard. “It’s impossible for me to go back! Lieutenant Jing, what would happen if I insist on entering today?”

“Insist on entering?” Jing Shaoyuan scoffed, “Why? Are you prepared to break out of my defense line? Do you think that this is the Cloudy Qilin Clan? Cloudy Qilin Clan’s younger generation practitioners are useless. The two highest heaven grade geniuses with the highest innate talent are those two lasses! That’s why this gave you a disillusion that only god grade geniuses can be treated as heroes among the god clans! Haha, that’s so funny!”

He stared at Li Moying and said coldly, “Ability… that’s not decided by innate talent! One’s cultivation method, time, resources, Spirit Armaments… all of these would affect your ability. Of course, the most important thing is still… actual combat experience! You’ve just stayed in Cloudy Qilin Clan for a year and haven’t met many god clan geniuses, not to mention going into a battle in the warzone! Your cultivation which was achieved through closed door cultivation is not worth mentioning in front of genuine top exponents!”

These words were something that Jing Shaoyuan had hidden in his heart for a very long time.

“What god grade genius? His innate talent was only higher than me by a stroke!”

“As for me, I have been cultivating for a long time and also experienced countless life and death crisis. My ability grew tremendously and I’m invincible among the same grade practitioners.”

“If we fight today, I’m confident that I will be able to send Li Moying flying with a slap!”

Jing Shaoyuan felt extremely disdainful of Li Moying after he saw his exquisitely handsome features.

“He’s got such a pretty face, totally a gigolo type of face! No wonder those ladies who had worshipped me in the past were all infatuated over him!”

“But as a man, there’s no use in being good-looking only. In the end, your ability is all that matters!”

Thinking of this, Jing Shaoyuan was even more determined to stop Li Moying from going past the defense line!