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Chapter 3013 Who Do You Think You Are? (3)

Although Jing Shaoyuan was older than Li Moying by approximately ten years, based on the ancient god clan’s top exponents longevity, their age difference was not worth mentioning at all. So they could only be considered as peers.

But Jing Shaoyuan was so disrespectful to Li Moying, especially when he said “I guess I should treat you with respect”. He said that in a kind of condescending tone and treated himself as Li Moying’s senior.

This kind of pushy attitude totally reflected his unfriendliness.

Li Moying naturally would not miss out on this. But when he thought about Huang Yueli whose fate was still unknown within the demon tribe’s turf…

He lifted his right hand and stopped Li Tian Yi. “Back off!”

“But, Young Master…”

Li Moying repeated himself once again, “Back off!”

Li Tian Yi gritted his teeth and reluctantly retreated behind Li Moying.

Li Moying took a glance at Jing Yuanshao and said with a composed expression, “Lieutenant Jing, it’s indeed my fault for not informing you before I abruptly barged into your stronghold. My friend was attacked by the demon tribe during the teleportation from Blessed City and might have fallen into the demon tribe’s control area. I was anxious to save him so I didn’t think too much about the consequences. Please accept my apologies. But White Tiger Clan and Cloudy Qilin Clan had always been on good terms. Will Lieutenant Jing please let us pass through here?”

White Tiger Clan and Cloudy Qilin Clan were indeed on good terms.

Hence Li Moying was rather surprised by Jing Shaoyuan’s terrible attitude initially.

But when he saw the unconcealable provocation and enmity in the latter’s eyes, Li Moying quickly understood what was going on.

Before Li Moying’s appearance in God Realm, Jing Shaoyuan’s innate talent had dominated all the younger generation practitioners in the twelve continents of God Realm.

Moreover, he had gone on experience learning in the demon tribe’s warzone since five years ago. He had outstanding military achievements and climbed up the ladder to attain the Divine Lieutenant rank within a short period of five years. It was rumored that he had even killed Sky Devils on the battlefield.

This incident made Jing Shaoyuan’s reputation soar to stardom, becoming god clan and the human race’s most adored object of worship.

Alas, this dazzling halo was heavily discounted from the moment Li Moying appeared.

Now, the ancient god clans were all talking about how powerful the Cloudy Qilin Clan’s god grade genius was! As for Jing Shaoyuan, he naturally couldn’t avoid being compared by others…

Even Li Moying himself had heard the Cloudy Qilin Clan’s Elders say things such as “We can finally win that brat from the White Tiger Clan”.

Having thought through this, Li Moying became even more composed instead.

Jing Shaoyuan said such things with the intent to provoke him. It would be best if Li Moying flew into a rage and got angry with him. Then he would have a chance to teach this Cloudy Qilin brat a lesson!

But whoever knew that Li Moying was so composed.

Jing Shaoyuan’s lips twitched and his gaze sized Li Moying up and down impudently.

“You… want to pass through the defense line and enter the warzone?”

Li Moying nodded and said, “That’s right.”

Jing Shaoyuan sneered and rejected bluntly, “Impossible! This flouts our regulations! The frontline is currently locked down. No one can pass through the defense line without military order, to enter the warzone! Let’s not mention that you’re from the Cloudy Qilin Clan. Even if it were clansmen from our White Tiger Clan, I won’t let them pass as well! Young Master Li, please return to Blessed City!”

Li Moying wasn’t surprised at being rejected outright.