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Chapter 2973 Too Despicable and Shameless (5)

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Saying this, President Gao and the others suddenly remembered that the badge which Huang Yueli wore was still a Spiritual Armament apprentice’s badge.

He hurriedly said, “I see. Young Master Li, why didn’t you say this earlier! I’ll get you the badge immediately!”

resident Gao turned around and was just about to leave. Then he thought for a moment, stopped, and frowned.

“But, there’s just one thing… based on your standard, even we Sky Gem Grandmasters are not as good as you. It’s fine even if we give you a high ranking Spiritual Armament

Master’s badge! But according to the Sky Gem Glass Chamber’s Headquarters’ regulation, we can only award the corresponding certification to the Spirit Armament that

you have refined. I wonder if Young Master Li knows how to refine high grade Spirit Armaments? If you know, I can give you the high rank Spiritual Armament Master

badge. If not, I can only distribute you with the low rank badge.”

Originally, based on Huang Yueli’s disguised bone age, even if she managed to refine a mid grade Spirit Armament, she would already be a peerless genius.

But now, President Gao was asking if she could refine high grade Spirit Armaments.

The three Sky Gem Grandmasters thought that Huang Yueli’s innate talent was so heaven-defying that all the miracles that happened to her seemed very normal.

However, Huang Yueli was about to disappoint the three of them.

She shook her head and said, “I can only refine low grade Spirit Armaments for now. But President Gao need not feel awkward about this. I just want a Spiritual Armament

Master’s badge, so that I can use the Sacred Phoenix Race’s teleportation array…”

resident Gao said in enlightenment, “With the low rank Spiritual Armament Master’s status, Sacred Phoenix Race will allow you to use the teleportation array. That’s no

need to worry about it.”

Huang Yueli smiled, “That’s great.”

She received the low rank Spiritual Armament Master’s badge from President Gao and pinned it on the upper right position above her chest.

After that, she waved and walked away quickly.

While she walked, her footsteps were light and quick. She felt as though she was about to fly!

After experiencing those few months of impoverished lifestyle, this was the first time she felt that having money was really great!

With the ten million high grade crystal jades in her hand, it felt even better by a thousand hundred times than when she first sold her Profound Armament in her past life!

Based on this, Spiritual Armament Masters were indeed a moneymaking occupation. She had to refine armaments properly so that she could provide for her husband in the


Whatever her husband took fancy to, she would buy it! She had the money, so she could be wilful about it!

Li Moying’s uniquely handsome countenance appeared in her mind, and she suddenly felt that she missed him even more.

She wondered what Li Moying was doing well in the Cloudy Qilin clan? Was he cultivating hard?

Very soon, she made her way back to the Double Prosperity Inn.

When the innkeeper saw her walking in, he abruptly stood up and spoke in an unfriendly tone. “Young Master Li, where have you been to? I didn’t see you for the past few

days and I thought you had slipped off, preparing to renege on the bill! I’m telling you, you didn’t check out of your room in the past few days and I had been keeping it for

you. You need to pay for it! Don’t even think you can skip paying for it!”

When Huang Yueli left, she was tied for time and was in a rush, so she naturally didn’t think about checking out.

She knew that it was her fault so she spoke courteously, “Innkeeper, it’s my negligence. But don’t worry, I’ll definitely pay for…”

Before she could finish her sentence, the innkeeper cut her off.

“Pay for it? You said you would pay for it? Did you think that I will believe a liar like you?!”.