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Chapter 2909: Sky Gem Glass Chamber (5)

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A burst of praises was heard among the bystanders.

A respectable and beautiful female Spiritual Armament Master was rarely seen in Flame Square City.

The female Spiritual Armament Master didn’t turn back but walked right into the Sky Gem Glass Chamber.

Huang Yueli followed behind closely and walked into the main door.

The Sky Gem Glass Chamber’s interior was luxuriously decorated. There were various large and small mechanisms and arrays that were set up everywhere, which made the entire building shine in splendor.

When she walked in, the female Spiritual Armament Master had already taken down the hat which she wore, revealing her face. As expected, she was indeed a gorgeous beauty.

This round, everyone in the main hall was excited and all of them crowded around her to fawn on her.

“Young Miss, are you a Spiritual Armament Master? Such an outstanding person like you came to visit our Flame Square City’s Sky Gem Glass Chamber, we are honored by your presence!”

“This Young Miss, are you here at the Sky Gem Glass Chamber to look for armament refining materials, or do you have any incomprehensible queries? Feel free to look for me! I am rather famous among the Spiritual Armament Masters in Flame Square City. No one knows the situation here better than me!”

“Move aside! I’m the one who is the most outstanding Spiritual Armament Master in Flame Square City…”

To fight for the beauty’s attention, all the young Spiritual Armament Masters were about to exchange blows!

She raised her hand and showed a badge in her hands.

When they saw the badge, those originally noisy Spiritual Armament Masters instantly clammed their mouths shut.

Because the badge that this beautiful woman brought out reflected the status of a high ranking Spiritual Armament Master!

Her armament refining standard was even higher than most male Spiritual Armament Masters present! They even claimed that they would help her solve her difficulties…

The beautiful woman didn’t even need to say a word to subdue all the people present.

They went silent for a moment and quickly crowded around her and started to laud her accomplishments.

But these had nothing much to do with Huang Yueli at all.

She swept a glance at the beautiful woman and shifted her eyes away.

Since no one was paying any attention to her, she could take this chance to check out the Sky Gem Glass Chamber’s interior.

The main hall was closest to the main door and it should be a reception area. Although there weren’t many people entering or leaving the building, every single person was luxuriously dressed. Their expressions were haughty and they wore special badges on their clothes. She believed that they were members of the Sky Gem Glass Chamber.

There were several doors behind the back of the main hall. Some doors were tightly shut and she couldn’t see what was behind them.

Two doors were open wide. One room was filled with various kinds of big or small armament furnaces and armament refining materials while the other room was filled with books. It looked like a book depository.

Huang Yueli pondered for a moment and was just about to walk into the Book Depository when someone suddenly called her.

“Wait! That lad over there!”

Huang Yueli was stunned and turned around.

The Spiritual Armament Masters who were crowded around the beauty suddenly noticed Huang Yueli’s presence. He immediately walked over and interrogated her loudly.

“Who are you? How did you come in? Do you know what place is the Sky Gem Glass Chamber? How dare you wander about on your own?”

Huang Yueli wasn’t nervous as she replied in neither overbearing nor servile manner.. “I walked in front through the main door. Why? Is there a problem with that? The Sky Gem Glass Chamber’s door is wide open, and it didn’t say that no one is allowed to come in, isn’t it?”