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Chapter 2877: Set Off To Look For Li Moying (2)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“You’re going further and further away in this way!”

Huang Yueli shot a glance at it and started to explain, “Yesterday night, I interacted with Prosperity through our thoughts last night and she recalled the route when Huang Sanbai brought it to Soul Connection Ocean. According to its memory, the surrounding thousands of miles here are all barren lands. The nearest town is on the far east.”

“If we don’t travel towards the East, we might be lost within the barren land! This place doesn’t look as peaceful as it looks on the surface. Everywhere might be fraught with dangers!”

Hearing that, Little Wang Cai sucked in a breath of cold air. “So… so it’s like this! As expected, only God Realm natives know more than us!”

Huang Yueli was fearful as well.

Thinking of this, luckily that Azure Luan took a liking to her and chased after them. So she took the Azure Luan in as her spiritual pet.

Otherwise, she didn’t know the situation in God Realm and wouldn’t even be able to find her way out of this barren land.

If she were to meet with some powerful huge magical beast that she couldn’t handle, or some natural disaster, she would be in deep trouble!

Now, with the Azure Luan’s guidance, at least she roughly knew what was going on.

As Huang Yueli was afraid of drawing Huang Sanbai’s attention, she didn’t dare to ride on the Azure Luan. So she could only travel on foot. The speed, as compared to coming to this place, was much slower.

It took her an entire week before she saw some images of buildings.

“We’re here, we’re here! This should be the small town that Sister Azure Luan was talking about! There are so many buildings here, I think I see some people as well!”

Little Phoenix hovered around in the sky and observed the situation from afar before it started to say excitedly.

Huang Yueli hurriedly coughed and said, “Alright, since there are people here, you’re not allowed to talk! If you don’t control your mouth, then I’ll lock you up in the Sky Phoenix Ring next time, not allowing you to come out!”

Little Wang Cai stared at her looking aggrieved and pouted. Then it quietened down.

Huang Yueli walked forward quickly and when he was still one to two miles away from the small town, she suddenly stopped.

“I almost forgot… luckily after the re-refinement of the Sky Phoenix Ring was completed, it’s extremely sold. All the things that I brought from Soaring Heavens Continent were not damaged at all…”

As she nagged, she took out a piece of the green robe from the realm and also some pigments and clay.

Little Phoenix initially couldn’t understand what she wanted to do. But as it recalled her warning earlier, it didn’t dare to ask and just tilted its head to look at her.

In the end, the top of its head was suddenly covered by a piece of cloth and everything turned dark immediately!

“Chirp chirp! Chirp chirp!” What’s going on!!

Little Phoenix had a great shock and shook its head vigorously as it flew everything as though it was dancing. After a moment later, the cloth on top of its head was shaken away.

“Female Devil, you…” It hurriedly looked towards Huang Yueli’s side.

It only took one look and its mouth opened in shock. “This.. are you my Female Devil?? Where did you hide my Female Devil!!”

In its momentary loss of sight, Huang Yueli had already changed into that long azure robe.

Little Phoenix was shocked to find out that the azure robe was actually a male’s!

Huang Yueli was currently sticking clay and colored pigments on her face.

When she raised her head a while later, Little Phoenix totally couldn’t recognize her at all!