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Chapter 2871: New Spiritual Pet (1)

In the past when she was in Soaring Heavens Continent, this trick always worked. But now that they were in God Realm, Huang Yueli wasn’t sure if Little Wang Cai’s bloodline suppression would also work on high tiered spirit beasts!

But facing such a strong exponent like Huang Sanbai, it was practically impossible for her to escape out from Huang Sanbai’s clutches.

Her only ace was this.

Later on, Huang Sanbai indeed had a change of expression. Hence Huang Yueli had been finding ways to worm some information from him.

On one hand, she wanted to find out the reason for him to assassinate her. On the other hand, she wanted to try and hold him back so that Little Phoenix could find a chance to communicate with the Azure Luan.

Luckily, Little Phoenix was rather powerful. It didn’t use much time before it made the Azure Luan go on a rampage, attacking Huang Sanbai wildly!

She grabbed this opportunity to escape beneath his eyes.

Huang Yueli laughed when she thought of this, and praised Little Phoenix sincerely.

“My Little Phoenix is indeed becoming more and more incredible! Moreover, you’re also very beautiful!”

Hearing her praise, Little Phoenix’s tail feathers raised high up in mid-air!

Huang Yueli snuck a glance at it with a pensive look. “Speaking of this, after Senior Huang’s training, you really seem more powerful than before… looks like that <> is really useful! I must go back and dig it out! Strange, where did I leave it?”

Initially, when Little Phoenix heard the first half of her sentence, it looked very smug.

However, hearing her mention the book in the second half of her sentence, it instantly shivered and almost fell from the sky!

“Cough cough, no need. There’s really no need! I don’t need that <> to become incredible!”

That <> was a nightmare for him!

It had formed a psychological shadow in his heart, which he could not get rid of!

Huang Zixiao had trained him strictly based on that book. Although it indeed increased Little Wang Cai’s ability by a great deal, when it recollected the memories in the past year, Little Phoenix felt suddenly felt unwell!

There weren’t any fried drumsticks and it couldn’t laze around. It didn’t want to go back to that lifestyle!

Thinking of that, Little Phoenix no longer dared to boast, deeply afraid that Huang Yueli would think of that book again.

At the same time, it was thought to itself that one day when Huang Yueli didn’t pay any attention, it would definitely go find this <> out!

Then it would spray its True Phoenix Fire on it, so completely dispose of the traces!

Little Wang Cai was planning gleefully in its mind when Huang Yueli, who was standing in front of him, suddenly stopped walking.

It almost banged into her back and finally managed to steady itself when it asked puzzledly, “Female Devil, what’s wrong with you? Why aren’t you walking?”

She turned to her side and her brows furrowed slightly. “Why do I feel that there seems to be a strange sound somewhere? Furthermore, it’s getting louder and louder…”

Little Wang Cai was stunned as it landed on Huang Yueli’s shoulder. It tilted its little head and started to listen carefully.

After a moment later, it indeed heard a noise. “Strange, this sound…. Seems like some flying magical beast flapping its wings! When I fly very high, I’d also make this sound…”

It had just finished its sentence when a lush azure figure appeared in the vast sky.

A mature Azure Luan with a smooth body shape and glistering feathers flapped its dazzling wings in mid-air. It was flying right towards them..