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Chapter 2867: Escape (2)

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She said with a quivering voice, “El… Elder Sanbai, you… what do you want me to do? I will definitely coordinate with you and do whatever you ask me to do! As long as you give me a quick death…”

Seeing Huang Yueli already scared out of her wits, Huang Sanbai’s face revealed a delighted sneer.

This inexperienced lass is indeed from the Lower Realm.

As compared to those experienced God Realm practitioners, she was simply lacking in experience learning.

Actually, under this situation, if she refused to give in and wanted to fight to the end, Huang Sanbai would be in deep trouble! If he wanted to obtain the complete piece of Sky Phoenix Ring, Huang Sanbai definitely had to cast a bait. To tell the truth, it wouldn’t be an easy task to kill Huang Yueli.

But now, she was so easily scared off by a few mere threats. Furthermore, she even initiated to cooperate and offered the Sky Phoenix Ring on her own…

Simply a dumb lass with no foresight!

“Just based on your intelligence, no matter how high your innate talent is, there’s no way you can survive in God Realm. You will definitely end up killed by others! Rather than dying in other god race practitioners’ hands and letting the Sky Phoenix Ring fall into their hands, you might as well help me, Huang Sanbai ascend to the clan leader’s position! Whereas for you… you can reincarnate earlier…”

Huang Sanbai sneered and his thoughts were racing swiftly in his mind. He was about to succeed and was extremely delighted. So he totally didn’t notice the change in Huang Yueli’s expression.

“Enough. As long as you listen to me, I will not make things difficult for you. Now, place your hands behind your back and take thirty steps backward then turn around…”

When she heard Huang Sanbai’s command, Huang Yueli hesitated for a moment, but later chose to submit.

He looked at her placing her hands behind her back from above and slowly stepped backward.

“… twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty! Enough, stand there! Now, turn around…”

He was just about to give his last order when he felt a scorching presence from his back just as he was about to open his mouth. It came raining down from above his head!

This time, it was totally out of his expectations, and Huang Sanbai’s expression instantly changed!

But luckily, his ability wasn’t weak and his adaptability was rather outstanding as well. He immediately did a turn and rolled on the ground.


A ball of azure flame was sprayed on Huang Sanbai’s scalp and the ground!

A black pit immediately appeared on the grey barren land!

It was imaginable that if a mortal body was sprayed by that ball of green flame defencelessly, it would definitely turn into ashes immediately!

This… what was going on?

This desolated barren land was his secret resting spot. Usually, no one would pass by this place. Hence that was why he dared to abduct the clan’s only god grade genius to this place to kill her!

What was going on today? Why did someone suddenly attack him?

Could it be that some top exponent from the clan was secretly following them?

Huang Sanbai turned around in terror and looked back in horror. Then he was stunned.

Because standing behind him was the beautiful Azure Luan which had given him and Huang Yueli a ride today!

Although the Azure Luan wasn’t an ancient spiritual beast, it did have a trace of phoenix bloodline in its body. So it was an extremely scarce high tier spirit beast species.

A healthy matured Azure Luan’s battle power was enough to battle a Dao Profound Realm mid-phase practitioner like Huang Sanbai!

However, these Azure Luans had been reared by Sacred Phoenix Race since they were infants..