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Chapter 2866: Escape (1)

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Huang Sanbai’s voice became louder and louder until it had gone into a manic state beyond one’s imagination.

Huang Yueli was cursing bitterly in her heart, feeling that she had been duped badly!

After so much had happened, the Sky Phoenix Ring wasn’t just a powerful God Relic. It was also the representation of a clan leader’s status!

She was just too lucky to be bound with a God Relic, which was such a heaven-defying rare treasure!

Alas, her ability wasn’t enough to match the Sky Phoenix Ring. Not only did she not gain many advantages, she even met with so many dangers because of it!

In the past when she was still in Soaring Heavens Continents, Lord Zhan had also tried to kill her several times because of the Sky Phoenix Ring…

Huang Yueli’s thoughts swiftly raced through her mind.

At this moment, Huang Sanbai had totally turned into another person. The temptation of becoming the new clan leader and breaking through to Life Profound Realm was simply too huge. It had totally made him lose his basic rationality.

Huang Yueli frowned slightly and tried her best to drag for time.

“This… Elder Sanbai, I understand what you mean… Actually, I don’t want to become the Sacred Phoenix Race’s clan leader, and I have no intention to pit against you… How about this, I can give you the Sky Phoenix Ring and you can bring it along to become the clan leader. So why do you have to kill me? I assure you that as long as you let me off, I will not say a word about it, and I will never appear in the Sacred Phoenix Continent forever!”

Huang Sanbai showed a face full of contempt. “Stop telling me all these absurdities! Once the Sky Phoenix Ring has acknowledged its Master, it will be closely linked to the host’s soul trace. Unless the host dies, it’s impossible to split the Sky Phoenix Ring out! So, you have to die!”

He squinted his eyes and changed the topic, “But if you’re willing to coordinate with me, I can let you die a quick death!”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli suddenly had an idea.

No wonder Huang Sanbai had so many chances in the past to kill her, but he didn’t do so. Instead, he waited until he reached this barren land and coaxed her to do other things before he snuck an attack on her while she wasn’t prepared!

This was probably because Huang Sanbai already knew that the Sky Phoenix Ring was inside her soul trace. He was afraid that she might risk her life to resist or just self-explode so that she would not damage the Sky Phoenix Ring!

To obtain the God Relic which was bound to the practitioner’s soul trace, the most effective way is to first catch the practitioner off guard. Then using his absolute strength and mental attack to destroy the practitioner’s soul trace!

In that way, the practitioner was basically considered dead, but there was still a trace of life source in the body, like a retard.

Retrieving the God Relic in one’s soul trace under such a situation could be considered an easy feat.

Having thought through this, Huang Yueli’s heart turned bitterly cold.

This old fellow had such a benignant look and he pretended to be extremely kind. But his actions were merciless and ruthless. Moreover, he was an extremely scheming person who planned every single step meticulously.

If it wasn’t because she had experienced many tribulations in Soaring Heavens Continent and had much higher alertness than others, she might already become a walking corpse by now. The Sky Phoenix Ring would also have turned out in this old man’s pocket…

Huang Sanbai walked next to Huang Yueli and stooped down. That face was filled with a malicious sneer.

“How is it? Lass Li? If you’re not willing to cooperate, I have plenty of ways to make your life into a living hell!”

Huang Yueli sneered in her heart, but she showed a scared expression, and her body was trembling with fright.