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Chapter 2822: Who Are You Calling Your Senior? (2)

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“This is… really… too horrifying!”

The other practitioners’ situation wasn’t any better than his. All of them had stumbled all over the ground.

Everyone finally managed to help each other stand up. When they recalled the scene where they were sent flying by the impact, everyone was triggered by this event.

“Heavens, that’s too terrifying! I totally haven’t even reacted and was already sent flying! If I had been a little closer, I believe I’d be dead by now!”

“Isn’t that so? It’s simply too dangerous. We… should we go a little closer or not? Even if it’s the remnant fluctuations from the heavenly tribulation, we also can’t take it!”

“What if the next stage of heavenly tribulation grows stronger? Wouldn’t all of us be finished?”

Everyone was worried and they stood in the same spot for a very long time. Some of them even set up a simple defensive array as they were worried that the next heavenly tribulation might just start again.

But they waited for a long time and there was no explosion at all. Even though that huge fire cloud was still suspended in the sky, but it was slowly accumulating power.

Everyone looked at one another in dismay and couldn’t decide. So in the end, they all turned to look at Celestial Light Sect’s Great Elder.

“Great Elder, your cultivation is the highest among all of us. What do you think our next step should be?”

Grand Elder paused for a moment and said, “If we just want to feel the Heaven and Earth Code that the heavenly tribulation brings, then we can just sit here and cultivate. There’s no need to continue getting closer. But I want to find out which Senior is about to ascend. So I’m preparing to move forward, to at least take a clear look at who this Senior is!”

If they couldn’t even take a clear look at who was ascending, how would they be able to say that the person who ascended was South Sky Region’s practitioner in the future?”

Everyone understood this logic as well so their curiosity got the better of them. But the explosion earlier really made most of them feel frightened.

“But Great Elder, this is simply too dangerous! If the heavenly tribulation descends again, we will not be able to retreat in time and the consequences might be dire!”

Great Elder fiddled with his beard and said, “I did an observation earlier. From the first stage heavenly tribulation until now, six stages had already passed! It is recorded in Celestial Light Sect’s ancient records that the majority of the practitioners who ascend would go through at least four to five stage heavenly tribulation. If one went through six stage heavenly tribulation, they are already considered as a top-rated exponent! Seven stage and above heavenly tribulations… only those geniuses who are nurtured in God Realm will achieve it. We are just a small Soaring Heavens Continent so how is it even possible for us to go through so many stages?”

Hearing him say that, everyone was assured. “What Great Elder said is logical!”

Great Elder said, “Now, this Senior has already gone through six stages of heavenly tribulation so he will most probably ascend very soon. Let’s hurry over now, otherwise, we might not be able to get a chance to meet him!”

“Right, right, right, let’s head over now! I want to witness the grand scene when this Senior ascends with my own eyes!”

Everyone felt that it was safe and they ran towards the direction of the tribulation cloud.

They were all ninth stage realm top exponents and their speed was pretty swift. It didn’t take long for them to reach a distance of around two to three miles away from Huang Yueli.

Everyone stopped and looked at the figure in front with respect and awe.

As Huang Yueli had been through the Inheritance Tower’s refinement, advancement, breaking through the tribulations, her face was smeared with ashes and she looked really dirty..