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Chapter 2821: Who Are You Calling Your Senior? (1)

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“This is the difference between a real peerless top exponent and us… I originally thought that I am a ninth stage realm top expert and that’s really awesome. But as compared to the one who is going through the heavenly tribulation, I’m really… really…”

The person who said that was a Celestial Light Sect Elder. He was already over three hundred years old and his face was filled with wrinkles and his beard was all white.

“Isn’t that so? I wonder which top exponent is going through the heavenly tribulation. He must be some unsurpassed top expert on the Sky Chart right?”

“That might not be so. The Sky Chart’s top exponents are mostly the younger generation. Some old fogies have stayed hidden for a long time and they are not in the Sky Chart! Those practitioners with the ability to ascend to God Realm should be those esteemed top exponents who had cultivated for hundreds of years!”

“That’s right, those youngsters are not quite there yet…”

Everyone kept discussing this and started to work up their cultivation methods to fight against the scorching fire attributed energy around them. Then they moved forward!

They had already come to this place so everyone wanted to find out who was that person who was going through the heavenly tribulation!

But just at this moment, a fire dragon suddenly descended from a tribulation cloud and it came crashing down at an astonishing speed!

Under the tribulation cloud, a huge fire domain instantly appeared and charged towards the fire dragon!

This scene was simply too shocking and too imposing. It seemed as though the entire Heaven and Earth’s energy was gathered right in front of everyone’s eyes. Two rays of dazzling flames were so powerful and beautiful that these people felt suffocated!

The practitioners present were shocked by this and all of them stared straight blankly.

Before they had even come to their senses, an abnormality happened.

Two bursts of energy exchanged blows in mid-air and gave off a vigorous explosive sound. At the same time, bursts of powerful fluctuations with dissipated fire-attributed energy charged right at the crowd!

“Oh no! Quick, quickly evade it!”

“Damn it, this energy is too strong! We… We will die if we face it directly!”

Luckily, they were still a distance away and there was still ample time to escape. So everyone frantically took out various defensive Profound Armaments and barely blocked off the first wave of impact.

But many of the practitioners present were affected by the scorching heat and their faces were blackened by the heat. Where had their demeanor a top expert gone to?

They had finally got through this wave and everyone’s expression turned solemn.

Celestial Light Sect’s current Great Elder was the most experienced and esteemed person among these people. He immediately said, “Everyone, be careful! Looks like we can’t get too close! The remnant fluctuations from this heavenly tribulation are simply too powerful and if we’re not careful, we might…”

Before he could complete his sentence, a ray of eye-piercing light flashed past his eyes and he couldn’t see a thing at all!

Immediately following that, a roar came from mid-air again!

Bursts after bursts of heatwaves came charging in his direction!

Even though the Great Elder was in ninth stage realm fourth level and had extraordinary skills, he was still thrown back by the impact without any chance to resist or defend himself.

He flew for several meters before crashing heavily onto the ground, creating a human-sized pit.

“Cough cough, cough cough…”

Great Elder tried his best to climb up, feeling that his entire body was extremely sore. Luckily the grass was very soft and he didn’t incur any serious injuries.

But when he tried to speak, he discovered that his mouth was full of boiling fumes that almost burnt his throat..