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Chapter 2820: Kicked Out (4)

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The earlier three stages of heavenly tribulation did not threaten her, but following that, she might not find it so relaxing as before.

Huang Yueli perked up her senses and waited for the fourth stage heavenly tribulation to descend.

A loud rumble was heard!

A huge fire dragon descended from the sky and charged towards Huang Yueli’s head!

The fire dragon was still a distance away from her and the dried grass on the ground was already lit up by the scorching heat and started to burn.

Huang Yueli struck with the long sword, unleashing a burst of Profound Energy on the fire dragon!


Under a soft cry, the surging fiery blaze was split apart by her to become two sections!

Huang Yueli did an incantation gesture with her left hand while her right struck out with the long sword and easily divided those flames then gathered them in her hand.

The terrifying four stage heavenly tribulation didn’t take much effort to iron out.

She felt a little surprised herself. “Strange, the last time I saw Moying going through his heavenly tribulation, his four stage heavenly tribulation was already very strong and it caused him a lot of trouble. Why do I feel that mine isn’t as powerful?”

She pondered for a moment, seemingly having a thought flash past her mind.

However, before she could carefully think through it, the fifth stage heavenly tribulation came crashing down!

Rampant fire attributed energy rose from the sky once again!

The fifth stage heavenly tribulation might have increased from the previous stage. Fire attributed energy was enveloped with other attributed energies to form a dazzling fireball which came crashing down on her!

Huang Yueli shivered and raised the long sword in her right arm, drawing a circle shape in mid-air.

A bolt of fire formed a burst of fire ring following the tip of the sword. This fire ring expanded swiftly and it was expanded with the wind which swiftly enveloped Huang Yueli’s surroundings by several miles, forming an extremely powerful fire domain!

Fifth stage heavenly tribulation crashed on the exterior of Huang Yueli’s fire domain and gave off a deafening explosive sound!

At this present moment, Sky Cloud City’s various large sect practitioners had all come forward to the place where Huang Yueli was advancing.

South Sky Region’s ninth stage realm top experts were normally very limited. This time, it seemed as though they had turned out in full force.

Various large Sect’s Elders coincidentally met in the outskirts but all of them knew what the other parties were here for!

After the space barrier disappeared, the first to ascend was Li Moying. No matter what, that was affiliated to the South Sky Region.

Now, the second practitioner to ascend was going through the heavenly tribulation in the South Sky Region again. No matter what that person’s background was, it would be South Sky Region’s glamour if the news of this went around!

The practitioners couldn’t be bothered to exchange pleasantries and hurriedly rushed towards the direction of the tribulation cloud.

But the nearer they got, the higher the temperature was. Moreover, it was increasing at an extremely swift speed.

Their distance to the tribulation cloud was around twenty to thirty miles away, but everyone felt as though they were standing at the entrance of a volcano that was about to erupt. The surrounding air started to boil and those with slightly weaker cultivations had already gone limp. They totally could not take another step forward.

“This… this is too terrifying! I can’t even take it from this distance! How does it feel to stand right below the tribulation cloud? It’s simply unimaginable!”