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Chapter 2819: Kicked Out (3)

She did not expect this ancient god clan’s early historical remains to be so firm. It could practically block off the heavenly tribulation power on the outside.

With the inheritance tower’s protection, she would definitely have an easier time passing through the ten stage heavenly tribulation as compared to Li Moying in the Northern Ice Fields!

She was just feeling surprised when her eyes suddenly went blurry!

By the time she came back to her senses, she realized that she was no longer inside the inheritance tower.

“Wh… What’s going on?” Huang Yueli was surprised.

Immediately following that, she sensed something heavy falling onto her thigh.

Huang Yueli lowered her head to take a look and discovered that it was Little Wang Cai! Her Little Phoenix had already been kicked out of the tower!

“Senior Huang, Senior Huang, are you alright? This.. what on earth is happening?” Huang Yueli frowned and raised her voice to ask.

Huang Zixiao’s voice was heard from the inheritance tower. “Lass, your heavenly tribulation is here so cross it safely. Don’t stay inside the tower any longer! Our inheritance tower is an antique from several thousands of years ago so it can’t take the torment of the heavenly tribulation! So you’d best work hard!”

Saying that he seemed to have done something and the inheritance tower simply disappeared with a “whoosh”!

Huang Yueli was stunned for a moment and finally came back to her senses.

She was…. kicked out by Huang Zixiao???

What happened to the promises of taking care of the rare god grade genius, and the nurturing?? He changed his mind so swiftly!! Wasn’t this just a scheme?

She was originally hoping that she could hide in the tower and easily smuggle past the ten stage heavenly tribulation!

Alas, Huang Zixiao was determined to make her go through it on her own so he made the entire inheritance tower disappear without a trace.

Helpless, she could only perk herself up and deal with it cautiously.

Shortly after, the second stage heavenly tribulation came striking down, and almost immediately came the third!

Fire attributed heavenly tribulation wasn’t quite the same as Li Moying’s heavenly thunder. Rampant fire attributed energy came raining down from the tribulation cloud as though it was a raging fire plain. It razed all the grassland next to Huang Yueli and in a second, the entire place was turned into a sea of fire!

If it was any other ordinary ninth stage realm practitioner standing here, that person would be turned into a charred corpse in a few breaths!

But to Huang Yueli, this flame was not enough to hurt her.

She didn’t even use any Profound Weapon and casually flicked her sleeve to disperse these two stages of heavenly tribulation! Following that, the surrounding raging fire was also kept away by her, turning into her Profound Energy.

After the third stage heavenly tribulation, the tribulation cloud turned lighter and started to accumulate energy once again.

Huang Yueli quickly used this short time to sit cross-legged on the ground, working up her cultivation method and adjusting the flow of her Profound Energy.

It didn’t take long before the energy in the tribulation cloud turned stronger again. Fiery red luster painted the entire sky red. Heaven and Earth seemed to have turned crimson.

The feeling of scorching heat enveloped the entire grassland.

Huang Yueli stood up again and took out a long sword from the Sky Phoenix Ring. Her expression was solemn as she looked up into the sky. Then she took a defensive stance and waited prudently.

She witnessed how Li Moying passed through his heavenly tribulation and was well aware that after every three stages of heavenly tribulation, the might of it would increase by tenfold and above!