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Chapter 2818: Kicked Out (2)

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South Sky Region, Sky Cloud City.

Various large Sect’s top experts came towards the fire cloud’s direction at the same time!

Ninth stage realm and above practitioners could sense it. Following the build-up of the fire cloud, the Profound Energy in their bodies was also affected as it crashed about rampantly in their meridians!

As South Sky Region’s largest Sect, Celestial Light Sect had the most number of ninth stage realm practitioners.

At this moment, the Sect’s Elders had all gathered and all of them looked in shock and envy at the dazzling fiery red cloud.

“From the look of that cloud, it seems to be… a tribulation cloud! Could it be that some practitioner in our South Sky Region is about to break through to the tenth stage realm and ascend to God Realm?”

“What joke are you cracking? Although the space barrier in Soaring Heavens Continent has vanished, only Blue Profound Sect’s Sovereign Li had ascended to God Realm in the past year! Sky Emperor City has so many ninth stage realm peak Sky Chart top exponents but there was no sight of them ascending. So how could it possibly be a practitioner from the South Sky Region?”

“That.. that’s hard to say! Sovereign Li also came from our Celestial Light Sect, isn’t it? Speaking of that, he’s considered as a practitioner from Celestial Light Sect!”

“This… this is true…”

Celestial Light Sect’s people had long forgotten the reason for Li Moying’s departure from South Sky Region.

Now, Li Moying was Blue Profound Sect’s Sovereign and he even ascended to God Realm. So, Celestial Light Sect had been using his name to boast. Sometimes, even those Elders who knew about the truth had a misperception that their Celestial Light Sect was that incredible to nurture someone like Li Moying.

Now, the mere mention of Li Moying’s name made the Elders gain confidence.

“That’s right, who says that South Sky Region doesn’t have any strong practitioners? Perhaps some are even more powerful than those top experts on the Sky Chart. But they’re just unwilling to go to Sky Emperor City. Instead, they like to stay in South Sky Region?”

“That’s right, it must be so! Quick, let’s head over and take a look!”

Many ninth stage realm practitioners also had the same view in mind.

Not long after, a large number of ninth stage realm practitioners in Sky Cloud City were mobilized and all of them hurried to the location where the fire cloud appeared.

Witnessing a tenth stage realm practitioner pass through a heavenly tribulation wasn’t just for the mere sake of taking part in the commotion.

During the heavenly tribulation, Heaven and Earth principle would descend on the Lower Realm. Tenth stage realm practitioner’s Profound Energy would fluctuate and it would cause the ordinary practitioners to be impacted. From there, it would help them in grasping even high leveled realm of cultivation!

To ninth stage realm practitioners, this was a good opportunity to cultivate and upgrade themselves.

Inside the inheritance tower, Huang Yueli wasn’t aware of the large-scale commotion that she had drawn in the entire South Sky Region.

The tower shook for a relatively long period.

She hastily tried to maintain her balance and at the same time, she knew that her heavenly tribulation was about to descend!

The first stage heavenly tribulation wasn’t very strong.

When Li Moying was going through the heavenly tribulation, the first stage was nothing to him hence he managed to throw it back easily.

So for her, it naturally didn’t pose any difficulty as well.

However, she was rather surprised because the first stage heavenly tribulation had already landed, but she totally didn’t feel any pressure. At most, she just couldn’t stand firm!

Of course, this was because she was inside the inheritance tower..