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Chapter 2809: Whose Phoenix is this? (4)

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After a while, Little Phoenix came back to its senses and its fragile heart shattered into pieces.

“What! You fickle-minded cheater! You actually saw another prettier phoenix and wanted to abandon the phoenix which you reared since young! You’re simply… simply too much! I don’t want to live any longer! I want to kill myself. Don’t anyone pull me back, I’m going to commit suicide!”

Little Wang Cai turned back into a little brat and wailed like a ghost.

As he had successfully slimmed down, its human form wasn’t as plump as before. It had a balanced body shape and other than his adorable little face still having a bit of baby fat, his tummy had shrunk and his arms were no longer flabby. His attractiveness index had gone up by several notches!

Huang Yueli looked at its human form and was evidently surprised. Her eyes widened and she said, “Wow, even its human form is so cute! Much stronger than my Wang Cai by so much!”

“I knew it, I knew it! You’ve already gotten sick and tired of me, so you’ve long wanted to get rid of me! Poor me, I’ve been staying home working hard and now I’ve become a haggard little phoenix, whereas you just keep looking for new love! You only care about the new phoenix’s smiles and forget about the old phoenix’s cries! I want to bang my head against the pillar, don’t stop me!”

Little Phoenix was crying “don’t stop me” while it flew towards a white jar sculptured pillar head-on!

But its speed was simply too slow. If it wanted to use this speed to bang against the pillar, not to mention die, there was a probability that it wouldn’t even drop a feather!

Little Wang Cai was flying and noticed that no one came to stop it. It was broken-hearted and it started to wail even louder.

“Sob sob, you heartless people—”

Seeing it getting addicted to creating a ruckus, Huang Yueli didn’t know if she should laugh or cry.

She always felt that this phoenix of hers was a little narcissistic but from the looks of it now, Little Wang Cai wasn’t just narcissistic, he was also dramatic and was very good at acting…

Huang Zixiao couldn’t stand it any longer. He had been spending the past year battling Little Wang Cai in wits and courage and had long lost his patience against this brat.

He coughed heavily and said, “Enough! Stop fooling around! You’re a phoenix, why are you acting like a ruffian! Who taught you these? If you dare to cry again, you can forget about ascending to the God Realm with your Master, just stay in the inheritance tower instead!”

Little Phoenix instantly turned stiff and was so scared that it forgot to cry!

If he continued to stay in the inheritance tower, wouldn’t that mean that he would become Huang Zixiao’s slave? Didn’t that mean that it would no longer be able to eat its favorite chicken drumstick?

If that was so, it might as well really die!

But if it wanted to leave the inheritance tower…

Little Phoenix looked at Huang Yueli with a begrudging look — its Female Devil didn’t recognize him!

Looking at Little Wang Cai’s aggrieved look, Huang Yueli couldn’t help but burst out laughing. She shook her head and said, “Alright, alright, let’s stop fooling around. I’m just teasing you! You’re my contracted spiritual beast, how would I possibly not recognize you?”

Actually, she didn’t recognize Little Phoenix from his appearance in the beginning!

After Huang Zixiao’s spartan training, Little Phoenix had indeed changed and its looks were totally different from the original state!

But she and Little Wang Cai had a spiritual link, so it only took a breath’s time for her to realize who it was.

Little Phoenix heard her explanation but still refused to forgive her.

He felt that he had a huge psychological effect and kept harping on this for a very long time..