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Chapter 2776: Depends on the ability (3)

As expected, after Huang Zixiao listened to the story, he didn’t think much about it. Instead, his brows lifted in excitement.

“Since… you’ve already acknowledged your mother and know that you’re a god grade genius, then have you already ditched your useless fiancé?”

Huang Yueli didn’t expect him to ask this and was stunned. “Ughh, ahh? What? What fiancé?”

Huang Zixiao noticed her hesitation and assumed that they had already broken up. He said indifferently, “Two years ago when you came, didn’t you mention that you’re already engaged with a man? Now, do you know that he’s not worthy of you? Your mother must have lectured you and told you to cancel the engagement, right? I’ve told you this long ago. There will be plenty of talented disciples in God Realm who will be vying to woo a genius like you. You’d definitely regret finding a useless husband in the lower realm!”

Saying that his face revealed a conceited look, as though he had great foresight.

Huang Yueli blinked and opened her mouth to speak, “But… But I’ve already got married to Moying!”

Huang Zixiao was stunned for a moment as though he was trying to digest the meaning of her words. He started to stutter, “Y… Yo… You… What did you say? You got married to that lower realm man! How can this be possible?? How about your father and mother? No one stopped you from doing that?”

Huang Yueli thought about Li Moying and her face naturally surfaced a blissful smile.

“My father and mother know that we’re already married. Moreover, they like my husband very much. Senior Huang, I respect you very much but if you are going to talk bad about my husband again, I am going to get angry! He’s not useless trash like what you say, but a top-rated genius!”

Huang Zixiao’s eyes opened wide as though he didn’t believe her. Sacred Phoenix Race’s clansmen could actually accept a lower realm practitioner, someone who was the clan’s god grade genius!

In actual fact, Huang Yueli and Li Moying’s marriage indeed had not gotten the clansmen’s blessings. But she had never treated Lord Zhan and the others as her clansmen so as long as her mother appreciated Li Moying, she felt that it was perfect.

Huang Zixiao stared at her as though his expectations had been let down. “Y… Yo… You… you little lass! Do you know how important is the use of a practitioner’s dual cultivation partner in the art of cultivation? God Realm has several god grade dual cultivation manuals. So finding a partner with equivalent innate talent will allow both of you to shorten your cultivations! Especially for the first partner, he is extremely important! You simply got married so casually in Soaring Heavens Continent and it will affect your chances of remarrying in the future! No matter what, you will no longer be able to replenish this!”

Huang Yueli instantly showed an unhappy look as her tone also turned cold.

“Senior Huang, I’ve already said this earlier. Please don’t bad-mouth my husband! I will absolutely not remarry! Also, my husband really isn’t some trash. He also has god grade genius innate talent!”

Before she could finish her sentence, Huang Zixiao already snorted. “God grade genius? What joke are you cracking? Do you know what is the concept of a god grade genius? In the entire God Realm, if you add up all the various large families, there might not even be one within one thousand years! Soaring Heavens Continent itself has very scarce Profound Qi. It is already a miracle to have one like you, but you’re still dreaming that there are two?”

Huang Yueli explained in dissatisfaction, “Even when my mother met him, she also said that his innate talent is no lesser than mine! Moreover, he had already broken through to the tenth stage realm some time ago and had already ascended to the God Realm!”