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Chapter 2775: Depends on the ability (2)

“It’s only been two years and you’re telling me that you’ve already surpassed five big realms, reaching the ninth stage realm?” Huang Zixiao had a ‘you’re kidding me’ expression on his face.

Huang Yueli said helplessly, “Senior Huang, based on your cultivation and experience, surely you’d be able to tell what cultivation I have right? Moreover, why should I lie to you? Have you got nothing better to do? I also know that my advancement speed is a little fast, but… surely you needn’t be this surprised, right?”

It was until now that Huang Zixiao finally calmed down. He stared at Huang Yueli and shook his head.

“You really broke through to the ninth stage realm. Do you exactly know what kind of speed this is?”

Huang Yueli asked curiously, “What kind of speed?”

Huang Zixiao continued, “The last time you came to the inheritance tower, wasn’t the first stage to test your innate talent grade? Back then, the highest grade that the inheritance tower could assess was heaven grade! But heaven grade genius wouldn’t have such cultivation speed like yours. Only god grade geniuses could attain such speed!”

Huang Yueli smiled when she heard that. “No wonder. Even my mother says that my innate talent is at god grade genius’ standard.”

“Your mother? You found your mother?” Huang Zixiao asked in amazement.

He remembered that when Huang Yueli first came to the inheritance tower, she didn’t know anything at all. Evidently, she had been separated from her clansmen from a very young age.

That was why when he wanted to find out more about the current situation of the descendants of the Sacred Phoenix Race in Soaring Heavens Continent, but wasn’t able to get any answers.

This time, Huang Yueli nodded, “That’s right. I’ve already found my mother and also went to the Snow Phoenix Palace in Northern Ice Fields. But…”

When she recalled the shocking and tragic scenes in the Northern Ice Fields, Huang Yueli couldn’t help but go silent.

Huang Zixiao realized that something was amiss and hurriedly asked, “Only what?”

Huang Yueli lifted her head and took a look at him. She hesitated for a moment and told him everything about the events and what Lord Zhan did.

Huang Zixiao kept listening and initially he was rather stunned. But by the time she finished her story, he had already regained his usual calmness.

“From what you said, that Huang Zixiao is at least a heaven grade genius standard. Based on his innate talent, he was trapped in this barren Soaring Heavens Continent, so his cultivation could not take any step forward. In the end, he succumbed to insanity but that isn’t any strange thing… Only thing was, it was a pity for our Sacred Phoenix Race Holy Maiden’s division. Since ancient times, there had been multiple heaven grade geniuses, but now… it seemed that everyone had died because of that sacrificial ceremony…”

He sighed for a moment more and later shifted his gaze onto Huang Yueli. “But luckily, a god grade genius like you is still alive! You’re the treasure of the entire Holy Maiden’s division! Now that the space barrier has already opened up, you will only need to pass the third stage of refinement and you should be able to return to God Realm’s Sacred Phoenix Race.”

She looked at Huang Zixiao’s calm attitude and first went into a blank, but subsequently understood what had happened.

As the tower spirit guardian, he had existed for several centuries, at least eighty thousand years. He had also experienced Sacred Phoenix Race’s most flourishing times.

A genius like Lord Zhan was forced into insanity because there was no hope for advancement. To Huang Yueli and the others, he might seem very perverted and there were very few people like him. But to Huang Zixiao, he might have seen many cases like him previously.