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Chapter 2769: Towards the Inheritance Tower (4)

The Elders were shocked to hear that and they appeared extremely astonished.

After Li Moying ascended, Blue Profound Sect’s disciples had treated Huang Yueli as their new Sovereign. The scene that happened in front of the mountain entrance had already won her enough prestige. Cang Po Jun and the others treated her with the same kind of loyalty that they treated Li Moying. In actual fact, there was no way to budge her status at all.

The only reason why they didn’t hold the Sovereign conferring ceremony was because as the previous Sovereign’s wife, her status was already high enough.

Moreover, everyone knew that she and Li Moying were deeply in love. They were afraid that they might accidentally remind her about the sad things hence they didn’t dare to suggest this at all.

Under Huang Yueli’s guidance, Blue Profound Sect’s development moved rapidly. All the disciples were extremely satisfied and no one had ever thought that she would nominate another person to become the Sovereign.

Cang Po Jun was the first to react. His expression abruptly changed and he immediately knelt.

“Madam, you… why do you say such words? This Subordinate had already sworn my loyalty to Sovereign many years ago. Since Sovereign has ascended, This Subordinate is willing to serve you and will never dare to think of usurping the power. Will Madam please reconsider…”

Hearing Cang Po Jun’s terrifying words, Huang Yueli immediately shook her hand and explained, “Guardian Jun, don’t be mistaken. I’m very sincere in asking you to become the new Sovereign.”

Before she could finish her sentence, various Elders started to voice their objections.

“Madam Li, everything is fine in the Sect now so is there a need to suddenly change the Sovereign?”

“Isn’t that so? Madam Li, although you’re still young, your innate talent is very high and you are very powerful. None of the disciples are unconvinced!”

“That’s right! Guardian Jun is indeed very good, but we prefer to serve Madam, you!

In the past twenty years, those Elders who had once thought of betraying Li Moying had long been cleared when the latter dealt with the Six Sacred Lands previously.

Those who were still holding their positions as Elders were loyal to Li Moying.

Originally, even if Huang Yueli was some frail young lady who knew nothing, they would also persist in supporting her. What more that she was showing such astonishing ability!

Everyone naturally wasn’t willing to make the change, hence they voiced out their opinions hoping to change her mind.

Huang Yueli raised her hand, indicating for everyone to keep quiet.

Those ninth stage realm peak practitioners instantly kept their mouths shut. The whole palace became silent.

She smiled and said to Cang Po Jun, “Guardian Jun and everyone here, I’ve never thought of becoming Blue Profound Sect’s Sovereign. My only aim in working hard to cultivate is because I want to ascend to God Realm as soon as possible, to reunite with my husband. I really have no mood to bother about the Sect’s affairs.”

Cang Po Jun immediately said, “Madam, This Subordinate can help to take care of the Sect’s affairs. But you’re still Blue Profound Sect’s leader! This fact cannot be changed! Don’t worry, This Subordinate will not trouble you with minor issues that will affect your cultivation…”

The other Elders also echoed in agreement, indicating that she didn’t need to do anything. All she needed was to replace Li Moying and lead them.

Huang Yueli was a little hesitant upon seeing their sincerity.

If it wasn’t that she had no choice, she really wanted to help Li Moying take care of his fruits of labor.

She knew that after Li Moying left Soaring Heavens Continents, other than her, the next thing that he was most worried about was Blue Profound Sect and his subordinates.