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Chapter 2768: Towards the Inheritance Tower (3)

Although she also knew that Li Moying had resolute determination and would never betray their relationship. But when she thought of the fact that she could not stay beside him, to declare her ownership of him, she felt extremely deflated!

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli could no longer lie still. She just sat up on the bed and started cultivating.

She had to return to Li Moying’s side as soon as possible. Moreover, she had to appear in her strongest form!

To let everyone know that the only one compatible with Li Moying, was her!

The event that happened in Blue Profound Sect’s mountain entrance had spread throughout the entire Sky Emperor City.

At the same time, it also spread out at a shocking speed to the Four Skies Region.

It shouldn’t take long before everyone in Soaring Heavens Continent heard of this.

As the first practitioner in Soaring Heavens Continent to ascend to God Realm in the past thousands of years, Li Moying’s reputation soared to the peak while Blue Profound Sect became a genuine peerless Sacred Land!

One month later, those disciples from various Sacred Lands who were sent out as scouts to the Northern Ice Fields returned to Sky Emperor City one after another.

The news they brought made everyone stunned!

The entire Northern Ice Fields was already in ruins and the Snow Phoenix Palace which was in the center of the freezing zone became a deep pit of barren land. Nothing was left…

As for the almighty Lord Zhan who was so powerful that no one dared to look straight at him in the eyes, there was no sight of him at all. There was a possibility that even his skeleton had already disintegrated!

When this news was reported to Sky Emperor City, it caused a huge shock in various large Sects!

Those people, who weren’t convinced about the news where Li Moying had ascended to God Realm, had no choice but to be convinced right now.

Even the descendant of an ancient God Clan was nowhere to be found, he probably had died under Li Moying’s hands. Then his power was naturally not to be doubted!

Adding on to the powerful ability which Huang Yueli displayed that day in front of Blue Profound Sect, those powerhouses weighed the pros and cons and could only submit to them. All of them chose to pledge their allegiance to them.

In the next few months after that, Sky Emperor City’s large powerhouses prepared lavish gifts and paid a visit to Blue Profound Sect, indicating their willingness to submit to them.

Even the other Six Sacred Lands also automatically suggested removing their titles as one of the Sacred Lands for the reason that they did not dare to compare with Blue Profound Sect.

Four Sky Region’s large powerhouses also traveled afar to swear their loyalty to them.

In a short moment, Blue Profound Sect’s reputation rose to the highest peak ever in its history!

But those powerhouses who came to visit Huang Yueli did not manage to see her at all.

Ever since she returned to Levitation Sword Palace, she had been in closed door cultivation. All she had on her mind was to break through to the tenth stage realm. All the sect’s affairs were handled by Cang Po Jun.

After a short period of observation, Huang Yueli was very pleased with Cang Po Jun’s performance. Hence she specially gathered all the various Elders in the Sect and told them that she wanted to let Cang Po Jun become the new Sovereign.

“Guardian Jun had joined Blue Profound Sect since young. For so many years, he had remained loyal and always tried his very best. Even my husband also praised him greatly! But now, my husband has already ascended to the God Realm, and there’s no way for him to return. Blue Profound Sect cannot do without a Sovereign! Guardian Jun’s power, experience, and ability are more than enough to take on the role of Sovereign! Hence, I’d like to nominate him to all Elders!”