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Chapter 2767: Towards the Inheritance Tower (2)

Cang Po Hun naturally believed in Li Moying’s ability. But he had witnessed how strong Lord Zhan was for himself!

The last time at Northern Ice Fields, they were almost trapped in the Blood Moon Great Array.

This time when Li Moying left Levitation Sword Palace, his ability did not improve much. Moreover, the Northern Ice Fields had encountered such a huge change. Even the space barrier shattered suddenly!

Cang Po Hun remained in Blue Profound Sect and gazed at the abnormality and Profound Energy swirling in the north. He had a bad premonition.

But now, he finally saw the Snow Cloud Sky Ship appearing in front of the mountain entrance. Cang Po Hun was extremely surprised and he thought that he would be able to see Li Moying.

In the end, everyone had alighted the ship but there was no sight of Li Moying anywhere.

Even though Huang Yueli said that he had ascended to the God Realm, but the situation back then was so special. So whether what she said was the truth or just purely to scare Old Madam Ling and the others was really hard to tell…

She took a look at everyone and said in a calm and steady tone, “Guardian Hun, Elders, don’t worry. Moying had indeed ascended to God Realm two weeks ago!”

“This… this is really true!”

“Sovereign he… he really broke through to the tenth stage realm??”

“Heavens, that’s really… really too incredible! In the past ten thousand years, Sovereign is the first person to ascend to the God Realm!”

Blue Profound Sect’s disciples all started to scream. They revealed joyous looks and started to discuss this.

Huang Yueli had high prestige in Blue Profound Sect, so if she said so, it would definitely not be fake.

Cang Po Hun and the others were pleasantly surprised. But to them, just knowing the result still wasn’t able to make them feel relieved.

“Grandmaster Huang, this… what exactly happened? When Sovereign left, wasn’t he only in ninth stage realm seventh level? Why did he suddenly break through to tenth stage realm? And Lord Zhan is in the Northern Ice Fields. When Sovereign ascended, he didn’t come to create havoc?”

Huang Yueli smiled and said, “That’s a long story. Anyway, Lord Zhan is already dead so you don’t need to worry about any more troubles in the future. As for the rest… let’s go in and talk! I’m so tired from the long journey…”

Hearing that, Cang Po Hun leaped up, “Yes, yes, it’s This Subordinate’s negligence! Grandmaster Huang, please come this way. This Subordinate has already made the necessary arrangements…”

After dinner, she briefly explained the whole scenario to Cang Po Jun and everyone went back to their rooms to rest.

When they were in the Northern Ice Fields, they almost died several times. They could finally heave a sigh of relief now.

Only Huang Yueli felt frustrated when she laid on the big bed in the room. Looking at the red curtains, she just couldn’t sleep.

The last time she left Levitation Sword Palace, she and Li Moying had just got married. So the bedroom still had the wedding night’s décor. The double happiness sticker on the window was still around. But now, the man beside her was already in God Realm whereas she was lying here alone.

Sad… not really. But she felt a little melancholic.

“Li Moying, wait for me! I will advance swiftly and look for you in God Realm! You must be good, and you’re not allowed to attract butterflies!”

Based on Li Moying’s innate talent and looks, even if he was in God Realm, he would be the goal of admiration for many ladies…