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Chapter 2766: Towards the Inheritance Tower (1)

If various powerhouses thought that she was a woman and she would show mercy to those who offended the Sect, they had gotten the wrong idea!

But she didn’t intend to kill everyone other than those main culprits. It wasn’t that she was being merciful, but she was planning for the future.

Now that the space barrier was gone, there would be some practitioners who would ascend from Soaring Heavens Continent within these ten years.

Blue Profound Sect’s top experts, including the three guardians, were all top-rated exponents on the Sky Chart. So it wouldn’t be long before the three of them ascended.

By then, Blue Profound Sect would no longer have such an overwhelming advantage.

If they were to kill all the practitioners from various powerhouses, they might end up in a never-ending cycle of enmity. If the other party came to exact revenge by then, there was nothing she could do when she was in God Realm.

But if she were to take in these junior disciples for her use like now, that would end up in a completely different ending.

As long as the Necrophorous pills’ antidote was with them, even if she, Cang Po Jun, and the others weren’t around, the remaining disciples would still be able to control these people.

As for Blue Profound Sect’s inheritances, Huang Yueli was not joking about it. If these slaves perform well, she would impart part of the inheritances to them.

Actually, to the other powerhouses, the Number One Sacred Lands’ inheritances were practically very awesome and made everyone covet it. But to Huang Yueli, it was nothing much.

Bai Liufeng and Huang Siluo had plenty of ancient inheritances. These were left in Blue Profound Sect. These manuscripts and cultivation methods were even better than the ones that Blue Profound Sect had!

The original inheritances paled in comparison so it wasn’t that important any longer. Using those to bribe the other powerhouses’ disciples for her use wasn’t considered a waste.

Huang Yueli’s train of thought was very clear. She displayed both kindness and prestige. Within a short span of one hour, she managed to resolve Blue Profound Sect’s major crisis. Moreover, she even fooled the entire continent’s practitioners, having them twirling around her little fingers.

Cang Po Jun and the others admired her totally and they submitted to her cheerfully.

Initially, they were just being respectful to her because she was Li Moying’s wife. But now, everyone had to admit that after Li Moying’s departure, she was the most suitable person to control Blue Profound Sect.

Those practitioners who gathered in front of the mountain entrance were chased away in batches after they swallowed the Necrophorous pill.

At this moment, Blue Profound Sect’s Mountain Protect Array suddenly gave off a glaring glint. All the array patterns instantly lit up and slowly disappeared.

The array was deactivated, and immediately following that, Cang Po Hun led Blue Profound Sect’s Elders and core disciples to welcome them.

“Welcome Sovereigness’s return to the Sect—!!”

Seeing all the familiar figures, Huang Yueli nodded slightly. “All of you, dispense with the formalities. You’ve all had it tough when Moying and I weren’t around!

Every single time Li Moying left, the person guarding the Sect had a huge responsibility.

Cang Po Hun’s prudence this time allowed them to evade a major crisis, so Huang Yueli praised him for it.

Cang Po Hun felt guilty over this and kept repeating that “Madam had overpraised me”.

He and the few Elders exchanged glances and couldn’t help but ask in a careful tone. “Grandmaster Huang, earlier you said that Sovereign had already… already ascended to God Realm. Is… is that true?”

He had already heard Huang Yueli announcing it, but Cang Po Hun and the others were still in disbelief.