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Chapter 2765: She’s Actually Huang Yueli! (8)

No one expected her to let everyone off.

But the practitioners merely hesitated for a short moment and they began to come around it.

Their knees turned weak and knelt on the ground. They kept on kowtowing and repeatedly said, “Madam Li, we are willing to swear our allegiance towards Blue Profound Sect!”

“Will Madam Li please take us in. We are willing to be the lowest level slaves, to serve all Blue Profound Sect’s disciples!”

“Madam Li, please take us in!”

Earlier they felt that they were dead for sure. But now they suddenly had a chance to escape death. Such a huge reverse made those usually proud and talented disciples from large powerhouses totally messed up. They lost their usual arrogance and backbones.

Huang Yueli looked at them coldly and only nodded after everyone’s forehead was bruised from the continuous kowtowing.

“I don’t need you to become the lowest level slaves. You just need to take these pills, that will do.”

Huang Yueli took a few porcelain bottles from her sleeve and indicated for the Snow Cloud Sky Ship’s disciples to distribute it.

“These pills are something that all of you should know. It’s the fifth grade medicinal pill, the Necrophorous Pill! Those who take this pill will need to come to Blue Profound Sect to claim your antidote every month. Otherwise, your brains will be invaded by the necrophorous and you will die!”

The vile medicinal pill such as the Necrophorous Pill was naturally very famous in Soaring Heavens Continent. All the practitioners there, no matter if it’s the old fogies or the junior disciples, had heard of this.

It was said that if one did not take the antidote in time, the pain when the necrophorous invaded the brain was enough to make one insane. One might even eat s*it!

Moreover, one wouldn’t die immediately. That person would have to suffer from insanity for at least half a month before one died!

When they heard that they received such a vile poisonous pill, all the practitioners were shocked, and a hesitant look appeared on their faces.

Huang Yueli didn’t urge them, just merely waiting quietly for them to make their decision.

Lastly, everyone shut their eyes and swallowed the Necrophorous pill.

After all, as compared to instant death, everyone was willing to live a little longer.

Huang Yueli nodded on seeing that and said, “All of you need not be worried. As long as you show your loyalty towards Blue Profound Sect and pass my assessment, not only will I cure those with good performances, I will also impact you with Blue Profound Sect’s inheritance manuscripts!”

Everyone was stunned and a glimmer of joy flashed past their eyes!

The reason why they came to create trouble at Blue Profound Sect was because of their inheritances!

Now, Huang Yueli said that if they showed good performance, they would be able to openly obtain Blue Profound Sect’s inheritance!

Who wouldn’t try their best for this?

When they swallowed the pills earlier, most of them were struggling within. But now, they felt extremely fortunate.

In a moment, everyone forgot the pain of becoming a slave. All of them started to sing Huang Yueli’s praises.

She looked at them neither warmly nor coldly, and her lips curled up slightly.

She knew that after Li Moying left, there would be some scum who would covet Blue Profound Sect because there were no top experts to suppress the situation. So she intentionally did this today so that she could show them Blue Profound Sect’s ability!

She wanted to let the entire Continent know that even without Li Moying, Blue Profound Sect was still the insurmountable Number One Sacred Lands!

She used the most vicious and bloody method to kill Old Madam Ling and a few mastermind practitioners. That was because she wanted to let the entire Continent know that she was not a merciful person!