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Chapter 2764: She’s Actually Huang Yueli! (7)

Don’t assume that she brandished her claws and looked so arrogant. When it came to a life and death situation, she didn’t have any backbone at all.

Old Madam Ling immediately started to beg for mercy, and she didn’t forget to pull her comrades down as well!

“Madam Li, Madam Li, please show mercy on me! I really didn’t intend to offend you. It’s all… all because of Grand Elder He. He instigated me to do this. I’ve already told him long ago that this wouldn’t do. Blue Profound Sect is such a large Sect and is a major support pillar in Sky Emperor City. How can we take advantage of you when you’re down? But… but they refused to listen to me…”

“Right, and that Guardian Yan, he… he’s the real mastermind! If you have a grudge, just look for him!”

Seeing Cang Po Jun walking near, Old Madam Ling pointed to Guardian Yan immediately, hoping to make him a scapegoat.

When she said that, Guardian Yan immediately spat out blood. His eyes widened like full moons and it was bloodshot.

“Old woman, what do you mean by that? You’re the one who came to persuade us. You said that Li Moying was dead and Blue Profound Sect’s top exponents must have died in Northern Ice Fields. Now there’s only one Cang Po Hun left! You asked us not to miss this opportunity and come to Blue Profound Sect together to share the benefits! Initially, several powerhouses refused to join in and I didn’t either. You were the one who visited me and convinced every one of us!”

“Nonsense!” Old Madam Ling got anxious when Guardian Yan tried to expose her. She hurriedly explained, “I was the one who just asked but all of you agreed to it. Everyone was interested to gain Blue Profound Sect’s inheritance so why would I need to convince all of you? Now you’re trying to blame me?”

“Old woman…”

Huang Yueli listened to their bickering expressionlessly and she started to become impatient.

Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Yu were apt in observing one’s reactions so they naturally wouldn’t allow these two people to continue arguing, in case their Sovereigness was frustrated by them.

The two of them struck out simultaneously and dealt with both Old Madam Ling and Guardian Yan together.

These two culprits’ hearts were also dug out, like Grand Elder He.

Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Yu were extremely skilled. With one slash, blood spilled all over the ground.

Having seen a re-enactment of the same scenario, all the practitioners from the various powerhouses didn’t even dare to breathe loudly!

If one had to say terrified, they had already been terrified to the max limit. They were totally numb by this now!

These people were only just sitting ducks!

Their only wish was that Huang Yueli would give them a quick death!

They lowered their heads and could feel Huang Yueli’s soul trace weaving past their heads. Her frigid gaze swept past them as though she was selecting the next sacrificial lamb.

The air was deadly silent.

Just as everyone felt that they were definitely dead for sure, Huang Yueli spoke once again.

“Now, the culprit has already been exterminated. Those who dare to challenge Blue Profound Sect had already seen what your ending would be like! But…” She suddenly changed a topic, “I also know that you junior disciples are mostly here on your Elders’ commands. So you have no choice. I’m not someone who loves to kill recklessly. If you’re willing to swear your allegiance to me, I can spare your lives!”

Everyone was stunned to hear that.

Did Huang Yueli mean that she wasn’t going to kill them?

In an instant, everyone couldn’t believe what they heard!

Those who had seen Huang Yueli’s shocking power and decisive methods would doubt that she had sufficient power and force to kill every single person present!