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Chapter 2759: She’s Actually Huang Yueli! (2)

“Then what?” Huang Yueli didn’t even bat an eyelid as she asked coldly.

Grand Elder He took a deep breath and his expression turned malicious.

“If you insist on going against Lord Zhan, that means you will be the Six Sacred Lands’ common enemy! By then, Blue Profound Sect’s inheritances would still land in our hands whereas your disciples would all die! Anyway, we will be entering the Blue Profound Sect today, regardless of Madam Li’s decision!”

Grand Elder He’s words were a blatant threat.

He had already said things to this extent so various practitioners also realized that Huang Yueli wasn’t as innocent as she looked. They couldn’t coax and deceive her.

In this way, the only way out for them would be to use their abilities to coerce her to listen!

These people finally gave up their acts and revealed their true faces.

Huang Yueli was not shocked at all. She smiled coldly, “Then, in that case, you’re intending to declare war against Blue Profound Sect!”

Old Madam Ling finally had a chance to speak so she barked, “That’s right! You dare to disrespect your cultivational seniors so we shall show you some colors today!”

Huang Yueli said coldly, “Since that’s the case, we Blue Profound Sect will accept it!”

She had just finished her sentence when a wave of swords being unsheathed was heard!

Blue Profound Sect Snow Cloud Sky Ship’s disciples all unsheathed their swords and prepared for battle!

“Blue Profound Sect’s disciples have never been afraid of any challenges! My husband’s temper has been very mild in recent years so you guys have all forgotten about that year! Now, I shall carve this into your memories! There is only one consequence for those who dare to challenge Blue Profound Sect!”

Huang Yueli spoke in an unhurried manner and her tone was extremely peaceful.

But when she spoke, her Profound Energy fluctuations started to rise swiftly, as a powerful wave of pressure was instantly unleashed!

When she finished talking, the air was already filled with scorching fire attributed energy. Tremendous suppression made those old fogies feel suffocated!

For those junior disciples with weaker cultivations, many of them started to spit out blood!

Everyone’s eyes widened, staring in disbelief at the petite, young lady who was standing in front of them!

When Grand Elder He declared that they would enter a battle with Blue Profound Sect, various powerhouses practitioners all made the necessary preparations to fight.

Li Moying wasn’t around so most of them were rather confident of their abilities. Although Liu Buyan, Cang Po Jun, and Cang Po Yu were famous top experts on the Sky Chart, they had more manpower on their side. Even if Huang Yueli’s parents were also ninth stage realm peak top experts, they had the absolute confidence to win them.

So everyone was silently defending against Cang Po Jun and the others, worried that they would suddenly sneak an attack on them.

No one expected the first to strike to be Huang Yueli!

Moreover, within a short span of ten breaths, Huang Yueli’s surrounding aura rose to such a degree. Furthermore, it was still increasing steadily!

How… could this be possible?

Wasn’t Li Moying’s petite wife a world-famous armament and pill refining master? In terms of cultivation, she had just advanced into sixth stage realm a couple of months ago. How could she have such a shocking aura?

Everyone’s memories still remained at the times when she just came to Sky Emperor City. Never in their wildest dreams would they imagine that Huang Yueli had already ascended into the ninth stage realm within a year!