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Chapter 2758: She’s Actually Huang Yueli! (1)

Huang Yueli, Cang Po Jun, and the others looked at the group as though they were retards.

But Grand Elder He assumed that they were feeling guilty and afraid because they did not refute. Hence he paused and slowly said, “Madam Li, we practitioners have come with kind intentions to help you. I believe that you are clear now about the consequences of going against Lord Zhan. One would not come to a good end. We still have some say in front of Lord Zhan, so we can plead on your behalf, to ask him to forgive your misdeeds.”

“Guardian Yan, Old Madam Ling, am I right?”

Guardian Yan immediately understood his meaning and nodded. He echoed, “That’s right! We can’t bear to see Blue Profound Sect’s many years of inheritances being destroyed by Lord Zhan in a moment of fury, so we’ve come. I believe that Madam Li wouldn’t want to die without a valid reason. It’s better to cooperate with us!”

When Old Madam Ling heard that they were going to cooperate, her eyes widened.

All she wanted to do now was to kill Huang Yueli, and not proceed with some cooperation!

When Grand Elder Ho saw her reaction, he was worried that Old Madam Ling would talk rubbish and spoil their plans. So he hurriedly coughed and spoke before she did. “Madam Li, in order to resolve Blue Profound Sect’s crisis, you’d better deactivate the array. Let’s all proceed into the Sect and have a detailed discussion!”

Guardian Yan nudged Old Madam Ling and also said, “That’s right. This is a serious matter, so we’d better proceed to Levitation Sword Palace for a discussion!”

Hearing Grand Elder Ho and Guardian Yan’s words, all the practitioners’ mouths were agape, silently giving a thumbs up to the both of them!

They were utterly shameless and sinister!

Attacking the Mountain Protection Array by force would result in a huge amount of effort to blast it open. But now, all they needed to do was to coax Li Moying’s “widow” and they would be able to enter Blue Profound Sect effortlessly!

By the time all these practitioners entered Blue Profound Sect’s doors, it wouldn’t be up to Huang Yueli by then!

Grand Elder He and the others were secretly delighted, as they suppressed their urge to burst out laughing. Then they swept a glance at Huang Yueli.

In their minds, Huang Yueli was still young and her husband had just died. On hearing her enemy’s name, “Lord Zhan”, she might be frightened to death! Even if she could remain calm, she would definitely be manipulated by them!

However, on hearing their request, there was no terrified look on Huang Yueli’s face.

On the contrary, her lips curled upwards and she revealed a faint smile.

Her smile was filled with an obvious taunt.

“Are you done?” She spat out these words coldly.

Grand Elder He was stunned and he couldn’t react properly. “Yes, I’m done…”

Huang Yueli laughed coldly, “Do you guys think I’m silly or dumb? What’s the difference between inviting you guys into the mountain and luring the wolf into the house? Kind intentions? I wonder what your heart looks like!”

Grand Elder He was exposed and his expression changed in a second. All the amiable looks that he put up immediately disappeared without a trace.

“Bai Ruoli, don’t refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit! Li Moying is already dead. Just based on you, you can’t protect Blue Profound Sect’s inheritance! If you know what’s good for you, choose to cooperate with us. We Six Sacred Lands can still leave Levitation Sword Palace for you, and also Blue Profound Sect’s name intact! We’re also willing to let your disciples live! If you must work against Lord Zhan, then…”