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Chapter 2714: What Kind of Luck is That (5)

Under this coincidental stroke of luck, the Sky Phoenix Ring was able to gain sufficient energy and congeal its shape in the blazing flames…

Lord Zhan used a few decades to accumulate all the blood essence energy, just to complete an impossible miracle for Huang Yueli!

“In such scarce Profound Energy in an ordinary plane like Soaring Heavens Continent, a genuine top rated god relic was actually refined… this really could be described as a miracle! Even if it was in god realm, only Life Profound Realm Armament Masters were able to achieve it. Moreover, they require the entire clan’s energy as support…”

Huang Siluo recounted the contents that she read in an ancient manual and felt extremely stunned by this!

Amid the shock, everyone was extremely envious of Huang Yueli’s good luck.

Luck, or perhaps fate, was a part of the practitioners’ ability.

Any practitioner who attained extreme accomplishments was all because of their own fate, which could turn misfortunes into fortunes, and turn peril into safety.

Huang Yueli and Li Moying were people who were destined to reach their peak. Their innate talents and fate were something that ordinary practitioners could never attain!

Huang Yueli recounted her situation earlier and felt extremely fortunate.

Even she made the mental preparation to die in the situation back then. In the end, she and Li Moying escaped unscathed. Moreover, they obtained so many benefits so this was totally out of her imagination.

“But…” Huang Siluo racked her brains for a little while and shot a puzzled gaze at Huang Yueli again. “Lass Li, earlier the energy fluctuations were so powerful so the Sky Phoenix Ring should have been refined successfully right? Then… where is the Sky Phoenix Ring now? Could it have been left behind in Snow Phoenix Palace’s ruins?”

Huang Yueli blinked, “Sky Phoenix Ring…”

A thought suddenly surfaced in her mind and suddenly, she saw a ray of golden light flashed past her eyes.

A phoenix-shaped imprint appeared between her brows.

Following that, this imprint flew out from her brows and slowly materialized. Moreover, it started to grow and lastly, it turned into a phoenix-shaped jade.

Huang Yueli stretched out her palm facing upward, and his Sky Phoenix Ring gently landed on her hand.

“Sky Phoenix Ring—!”

“So, this is the legendary ancient god relic Sky Phoenix Ring!”

When they saw that, all of them cried out in shock and surrounded Huang Yueli. They stretched their necks and wanted to study it in detail.

Although all of them were Soaring Heavens Continent’s top rated practitioners, none of them had ever seen an ancient god relic!

From the earth-shattering scene when the Sky Phoenix Ring was re-refined, this god relic’s might was imaginable.

The Sky Phoenix Ring was originally a piece of sheep-fat white jade with red-colored patterns but after the re-refining from the True Phoenix Fire which merged all three pieces of shattered pieces from ancient times, its color changed entirely and turned transparent.

Under the ray of the sunlight, it reflected a different luster from different angles like a rainbow. The flowing lights were shining brilliantly.

“It’s so incredible, indeed the Sacred Phoenix Race’s crown treasure! Just looking at the appearance and one can tell that it’s a piece of incredible god relic.”

“But we just don’t know what’s the use of this Sky Phoenix Ring?”

Huang Siluo explained softly, “Sky Phoenix Ring requires the Sacred Phoenix Race’s bloodline to be activated. I heard that when it was in the hands of the former clan leader, but it could display immense magical powers. But Lass Li’s cultivation isn’t sufficient, so she would probably not be able to display the Sky Phoenix Ring’s power.”