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Chapter 2713: What Kind of Luck is That (4)

“Lass Li, your luck is really very good! Everything is explanatory in this way!”

“The Sky Phoenix Ring shattered and your primordial spirit returned to Li Moying. Originally you should be dead for sure, but you just happened to have three shattered pieces of the Sky Phoenix Ring!”

“You might not know that it’s extremely difficult to refine an ancient god relic. Although the Sky Phoenix Ring isn’t complete, it is an ancient god relic after all. Based on Soaring Heavens Continent’s armament refining standard, how would it be damaged so easily? Li Moying happened to advance in the Sky Phoenix Ring’s space and the outside world was being suppressed by the Blood Moon Great Array. Under both internal and external exchange of pressure, it happened to shatter the Sky Phoenix Ring! If it wasn’t like this, even if you manage to collect three shattered pieces, it would be impossible to refine it again!”

Hearing Huang Siluo’s words, Huang Yueli was stunned momentarily.

But after thinking through it carefully, the matter was indeed like what Huang Siluo said.

She was an extremely skilled Armament Master. So no one was clearer than her about the difficulty of refining a god relic!

Especially for a top rated god relic like the Sky Phoenix Ring. The difficulty in re-refining it was no different from refining a new piece of god relic.

Or it could be said that it was by sheer luck that she managed to complete this successfully. Otherwise, based on her idea, she might spend more than one or two decades and still not be able to settle it.

Huang Siluo paused and said, “After the Sky Phoenix Ring cracked, if it doesn’t get fused within a short amount of time, it would really become shattered dregs. Moreover, the energy required to fuse it was even more than shattering it! Whenever a piece of ancient god relic was being formed, one must borrow the energy from Heaven and Earth, and it isn’t something that a pure human’s energy could complete! Where do these energies come from? Back then when we saw the Sacred Phoenix Reflection, it was simply more powerful than God Realm’s real True Phoenix Fire!”

Huang Yueli had totally understood the entire situation now and she squinted her eyes.

“It should be… the blood moon…”

She said these few words softly and every one revealed an enlightened look.

“Right, that’s right, it should be the blood moon!”

“Lord Zhan makes use of the Blood Moon Great Array to suck away so many practitioners’ blood essence, and all of these are contained in the blood moon! This energy that was used to re-refine the Sky Phoenix Ring should be more than sufficient!”

“That’s right! When the blood moon dropped onto the Snow Phoenix Palace, I thought that we were going to be dead! But when it exploded, the energy which was emitted wasn’t as powerful as I thought. Immediately following that, the Sky Phoenix Ring appeared…”

Everyone started to add their views and roughly guessed the situation.

The situation back then was extremely dangerous and extremely pressed for time. But it was also a rare opportunity that came once in a blue moon!

The blood moon dropped from the sky and carried shockingly powerful energy, which blasted in the middle of the blood pool!

Little Wang Cai’s spiritual body was originally floating in the air. When it was about to disintegrate, it suddenly sensed powerful energy and its body instantly expanded into an adult state. Moreover, it totally could not control the energy within its body and fly up into the sky!

As for the main body of the Sky Phoenix Ring and the three pieces of stones in Huang Yueli’s hands, it was forcibly merged under such a powerful force of energy!

The remaining blood moon’s energy was spurted out from the large Phoenix mouth, turning into the True Phoenix Fire, which burned the Sky Phoenix Ring’s bundle inside.