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Chapter 2712: What Kind of Luck is That (3)

Thinking of the clansmen who were still around yesterday, but had already turned into ashes today, she was feeling extremely upset.

Bai Liufeng didn’t know what he should say to comfort Huang Siluo, so he could only choose to hug her silently.

Luckily, Huang Siluo knew that now wasn’t the time to feel sentimental. She remained silent for a moment and then turned her gaze back onto Huang Yueli.

“Lass Li, earlier it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have interrupted you. Continue to tell us, what happened between you and Moying?”

“Ah? Oh… after that, I thought of many ways to escape from the blood pool, but I wasn’t certain that I could do it. Seeing the Sky Phoenix Ring about to be shattered and I still had no idea on what to do, I saw the remnant pages of the <>…”

Huang Yueli regained her senses and briefly went through the situation back then. At the same time, she kept emphasizing, “All of you shouldn’t blame Moying, I’m the one who coerced him! I know that after his primordial spirit merges, he would definitely be able to break out from the array, so I hope that he could help me save my friends and relatives. He… he did it all because of me…”

After Huang Yueli was done, everyone went silent.

Actually, all of them had roughly guessed the situation when Li Moying chose to die earlier.

Now that the words came from Huang Yueli, even though the words she used were very calm and the description she said was very brief, but everyone could imagine how pressing the situation was then, and how shocking and frightening it was!

Huang Siluo and Bai Liufeng heaved a long sigh of relief after hearing what she said.

Li Moying did not do anything to betray Huang Yueli so that left them rather assured. Now that Li Moying had successfully advanced, Huang Yueli was safe as well, so this was the best ending.

But recounting the abnormality in the sky earlier, Huang Siluo was still feeling puzzled.

“According to what you say, after Li Moying’s primordial spirit had merged, the Sky Phoenix Ring could not stand his Profound Energy pressure and completely shattered. Then… how did you manage to survive? Is it related to the True Phoenix Fire and Sky Phoenix Ring that we saw?”

To this, Huang Yueli herself was extremely puzzled.

Her brows creased together for a moment and she spoke, “Moying told me earlier that when the blood moon dropped down, the Sky Phoenix Ring appeared in mid-air. Under the refinement of the True Phoenix Fire, it fused the three shattered pieces. In my recollection, I seem to really see three fragments…”

“What? You really saw the Sky Phoenix Ring’s shattered pieces? These… where did these come from? I know that the Sky Phoenix Ring was with you, but when Huang Zhanxiao fell into the blood pool, he was holding on to one shattered piece. The remaining two had been missing for a long time. Could it be that… it’s also in your hands?” Huang Siluo was extremely shocked!

Huang Yueli thought for a moment and nodded, “You can say that. But those two other pieces were accidentally obtained. We didn’t know what use it had, and until today, I only discovered that they were the shattered pieces of the Sky Phoenix Ring!”

Hearing her explanation, all of them were totally speechless.

This… what kind of luck was that?

The entire Sky Phoenix Race had spent tens of thousands of years searching through the entire Soaring Heavens Continent, but none of them could find the Sky Phoenix Ring or the shattered pieces. But yet she managed to find it so easily!

If Lord Zhan were to find out about it, he would probably be so angry that he would come back to life!

Huang Silu’s eyes suddenly lit up and she grabbed Huang Yueli’s hand tightly. Her voice started to shake as she spoke.