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Chapter 2711: What Kind of Luck is That (2)

Huang Yueli nodded. “The matter is like this, but Lord Zhan had already guessed that the Sky Phoenix Ring was in my hands. When Moying and I first entered the Snow Phoenix Palace, it was Lord Zhan who intentionally lured us over so that we will hand over the Sky Phoenix Ring.”

Liu Buyan and the others then realized what had happened.

Back then when Lord Zhan set up the foolproof trap to capture Huang Yueli and Li Moying, they couldn’t understand the reason for it at all. With Huang Yueli’s explanation now, it finally made sense.

However, Huang Siluo had a shocked and bewildered look on her face.

As a member of the Sacred Phoenix Race, the understanding she had towards the Sky Phoenix Ring was much more than others. Hence she felt even more bewildered than other people.

“But, how did the Sky Phoenix Ring… how is that possible…” She kept muttering to herself.

Bai Liufeng saw her dazed look and hurriedly hugged her as he asked, “Siluo, what’s the matter with you? Don’t be agitated, let’s talk things through slowly…”

Huang Siluo then took a deep breath and slowly calmed down.

She held Huang Yueli’s hands and said, “Lass Li, I heard your father and Senior Brother talk about you and Sovereign Mu’s affairs in your past life. I have something to ask you, in your past life… were you born in the Sacred Phoenix Clan?”

Huang Yueli was stunned when she heard that, apparently not expecting her to ask about this.

“Past life? This… I was an orphan in my past life, and I heard that I was still in my swaddling clothes when my Master found me…”

Huang Siluo’s brows creased together and asked, “Then, where did your Master find you?”

Huang Yueli recounted her thoughts and suddenly opened her eyes, “I think… I think it was in the Northern Ice Fields?”

Huang Siluo nodded her head and said, “That’s right! Looks like you should be a part of the Sacred Phoenix Race in your past life… in the past ten thousand years, Sacred Phoenix Race had been trying to search for a way to break through the space barrier, hence we explored plenty of ancient mystic regions. Our clansmen were either seriously injured or dead and some of them died outside. Back then, some children were just born and were missing. I’m afraid that you should be one of them.”

Seeing Huang Yueli’s puzzled look, she added, “Sky Phoenix Ring is Sacred Phoenix Race’s crown treasure. If you don’t have Sacred Phoenix Race’s bloodline, even if you self-explode your primordial spirit, it is impossible to make the Sky Phoenix Ring acknowledge you as its Master, neither will you be able to reincarnate and be reborn.”

Huang Yueli blinked and finally came around the situation. At the same time, she felt rather melancholic.

“So, it’s like this…”

Liu Buyan couldn’t help but butt in, “No wonder. In the past, Junior Sister’s innate talent was shockingly strong. From the looks of it, she must have Sacred Phoenix Race’s bloodline! Sacred Phoenix Race is indeed an ancient God clan, all the clansmen have such outstanding innate talents…”

Hearing that, Huang Siluo’s gaze dimmed and sighed, “But no matter how powerful one’s innate talent was, it is unable to offset one’s desires… now… only Lass Li and I are left in the Sacred Phoenix Palace…”

As she said that, she turned around to look at the surroundings. In the rubbles, a piercing cold wind grazed past, and pieces of snowflakes swirled in desolation.

Because of Lord Zhan’s one-sided motive, Sacred Phoenix Race’s clansmen who were left in Soaring Heavens Continents were dragged into this calamity.

An arduous night passed and everything returned to silence.

Although Lord Zhan had already paid the price for his actions, so many of Sacred Phoenix clansmen were implicated by him and lost their lives…

Huang Siluo was different from Huang Yueli. She grew up in Sacred Phoenix Race, and she had feelings towards the clansmen.