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Chapter 2710: What Kind of Luck is That (1)

Huang Yueli recalled the night of their wedding. Because Li Moying refused to consummate with her, she even went to consult Liu Buyan.

The Divine Doctor had intentionally misled her into thinking that Li Moying was impotent. Moreover she even foolishly believed him and did so many dumb things…

Huang Yueli couldn’t help but buried her face in her arms, as she silently complained in her heart.

Heavens, this was absolutely a stain in her life…

Liu Buyan assumed that Huang Yueli was being deceived by Li Moying hence she returned her primordial spirit to him. Hence he was waiting by the side aggressively, intending to expose Li Moying’s true face, then teach him a good lesson!

Whoever knew that after Bai Liufeng said it clearly, Huang Yueli was indeed very angry.

However, her target of fury wasn’t at Li Moying, but… directed at him!

Liu Buyan went into a short blank and felt a little guilty as he wiped the sweat off his forehead, “This… Junior sister, I’m not… cough cough, I’m worried about you…”

Huang Yueli swept him a cold glance, “Worried about me? I think all of you are treating me like a fool! I’m the main party involved in this matter but none of you told me the truth! If I hadn’t accidentally seen the <>’s remnant pages’ contents, I might never find out that Moying is actually under such tremendous pressure!”

Hearing her words, the group exchanged a glance, appearing extremely surprised.

Why was the matter different from what they had thought!

Huang Yueli was totally not upset with Li Moying’s primordial spirit merging, and she seemed like she was feeling heartache for him?

Could it be that they had assumed wrongly?

Huang Siluo instantly asked, “Lass Li, what’s going on? Quickly tell me? You don’t know about this. Earlier when your father heard that you died because of Li Moying, he almost killed him! If he really is this kind of partner who would betray his partner to survive on his own, then Father and Mother will absolutely not agree for both of you to stay together!”

Huang Yueli’s eyes widened in astonishment, “Mother, Father, why would you think in that way?”

Saying that she took a glance at Li Moying, only to find that the man was leaning by the wall. There was an indifferent look in his eyes which was the same as usual. He didn’t seem affected by how other people had misunderstood him.

Realizing that Huang Yueli was looking at him, Li Moying flashed her a smile.

Huang Yueli knew that this man didn’t like to explain, hence he was being misunderstood by others. Therefore, she hurriedly explained on his behalf.

“Things are not what you had imagined! Back then, Moying and my meridians had been restrained by Lord Zhan and we had no way to fight back. So we were thrown into the blood pool. Originally we should be dead for sure. But just as we were prepared to give up, we were suddenly sucked into the Sky Phoenix Ring’s space…”

When Huang Siluo heard that she interrupted her in astonishment, “Sky Phoenix Ring? Where did that come from? Why were you sucked into the Sky Phoenix Ring?”

Huang Yueli stopped and briefly explained her link with the Sky Phoenix Ring.

This matter is her biggest secret, and Li Moying was the only one who knew. Even Liu Buyan, Cang Po Jun, and the others were hearing this for the first time.

Listening to her explanation, everyone’s eyes widened in shock, and they were all dumbstruck.

“So… Huang Zhanxiao had spent so much effort, but he could not find the Sky Phoenix Ring because… the Sky Phoenix Ring was inside your primordial spirit??” Huang Siluo was extremely astonished, so much that she could not even speak clearly.