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Chapter 2708: This is Embarrassing (3)

“Thank you! But I’m not a three-year-old, I know how to wear my own clothes. So there’s no need to trouble you!” Huang Yueli gritted her teeth as she stared at the handsome man who was right behind her.

Li Moying’s powerful hand clasped her and he felt her slender waist beneath his palm. His hands joined together and it seemed as though he could encircle her tiny waist.

“No trouble, This Husband is glad to be of service to my wife,” he chuckled.

Huang Yueli finally could not stand it any further and lifted her feet to kick him. “Go away! My father is still standing by the side watching. Go and comfort them first and tell them that I’m alright now. Ask them to be assured.”

Huang Yueli entrusted such an important task to him, so Li Moying naturally couldn’t reject her.

Helpless, he lowered his head and nibbled her neck gently. He only let her go when he heard the young lady’s surprised scream.

“Alright then, be quick. I’ll go accompany Father-in-law and Mother-in-law for now.”

After Li Moying left, Huang Yueli swiftly put on his clothes.

Li Moying’s figure was tall and lofty and Huang Yueli’s height was only at his chest. Putting his shirt on herself appeared much larger, and it fell all the way to the ground.

Huang Yueli used Profound energy to cut off a portion of the lower hem and sleeves before she could barely put it on. Although it looked a little strange, it was better than being naked.

She checked herself and after verifying that she was fully clothed, she walked towards the group’s resting area.

They were resting at the back of a cliff. Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Yu were cross-legged as they shut their eyes and worked their cultivation methods, attempting to restore their internal injuries.

Whereas for Bai Liufeng, Huang Siluo, and Liu Buyan, they crowded around Li Moying and were shooting a load of questions at him.

Li Moying sat against the wall with a languid expression and said calmly, “All these questions of yours, how do you expect me to reply? The situation back then was something that all of you had witnessed along with me. Everyone thought that Li’er had already died, no? Earlier I also asked her but she herself doesn’t seem to remember what happened back then…”

He was in the middle of his sentence when he seemed to have telepathy with Huang Yueli. That man suddenly raised his head and looked at her.

Following that, he gave a bright smile and said, “Li’er, you’re here!”

Huang Yueli nodded her head and swept him a glance. Following that, she blushed bashfully and looked elsewhere.

Li Moying was only wearing a pair of long pants. His upper body was naked, revealing those perfectly sculpted muscles. His strong shoulders and chest seemed to reflect some tiny claw marks…

Those were scratched by her in the Sky Phoenix Ring!

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli’s face flushed red again.

Li Moying seemed as though nothing had happened as he stood up and walked towards her with an unruffled look.

“Li’er, are you not feeling well? Quickly come over and have a seat here. There are walls all around and you won’t catch a cold…”

He held Huang Yueli’s hand and pulled her to the corner of the wall, making her sit next to Huang Siluo.

Bai Liufeng and Huang Siluo were both happy and agitated to see her as their eyes were brimming with tears.

“Lass Li, you… you survived. It’s really… really too great! I was so frightened when I heard that you died…” Huang Siluo hugged her and cried. “You young lass, you’re simply reckless! Do you know that we are willing to die rather than to let you meet with harm!”