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Chapter 2677: Primordial Spirit Unites (5)

Little Wang Cai’s voice was hoarse but with the door as a divider, his voice was just like a mosquito to the man who was consumed with desire.

Li Moying held Huang Yueli’s slender waist tightly and he kissed her with dense and impatient kisses, sliding down from her neck to her chest…

At this moment, he truly realized what was the ultimate pleasure.

This pleasure was not only in the physical sense. It was more of a spiritual pleasure that came from deep within.

This kind of intoxicated feeling was even more pleasurable than being drunk, and even more magical.

Li Moying felt his Profound Energy swiftly flowing in his meridians. Every single time it went through a cycle, it would become stronger. Various complicated images flashed past his mind. Every scene seemed to replenish the gap in the deepest part of his consciousness.

He felt his energy turning stronger and all those obstructions and obscureness that he had once encountered during cultivation seemed to be evened out.

The Profound Energy in his body seemed endless with a never-ending flow to it…

It seemed like… a dream…

In comparison, Huang Yueli’s complexion was getting paler and paler. She began to sweat profusely.

Li Moying tightly clasped onto her and she was still indulged in the man’s hug. Other than looking paler, she was considered normal.

But in the instance when Li Moying let go of her, she seemed like a puddle of water that had melted on the ground. Her eyes were tightly shut and she did not move at all. It was as though she was dead.

“Female Devil, Female Devil!!!” Little Phoenix screamed and he pounded his little fists furiously on the door.

With a “bam”, the door was broken in by him!

Little Wang Cai went into a blank, as though he could not cope with the sudden changes. But it merely took him a short moment of silence when he started to scream horrendously. “Female Devil, you cannot die! Wooo woo woooo, although your temper isn’t good and you always like to bully me, I can’t find another Master like you who is so good at roasting chicken drumsticks! Woowoo woo…”

He sobbed and pounded on Huang Yueli, as tears kept rolling down his cheeks.

Although the two of them had only got along for over a year, and they would often bicker, but he could sense that Huang Yueli treated him like her own biological younger brother, unlike those god realm’s top exponents who treated him like a spirit artifact and only commanded him around like a slave.

He managed to break through Huang Yueli’s restrain and ran out from the room, not because he had become powerful. It was because Huang Yueli’s control over the Sky Phoenix Ring was getting weaker…

Her consciousness was disappearing and the link with the god relic was also disappearing…

Little Phoenix cried for a while when he suddenly recalled the reason for his Master to fall into this state. It was because of this man beside her!

Hence Little Wang Cai leaped up and pounced towards Li Moying.

“It’s all because of you! It’s all your fault! You scum, you gigolo! Female Devil died because of you! Return my sister to me!!!”

Little Phoenix used its innate bloodline’s god skills and his body suddenly grew bigger. He charged towards Li Moying, hoping to punch him to vent his anger!

However, Little Phoenix had just stepped within a radius of around ten steps when Li Moying’s body suddenly appeared a blinding gold light. A gust of powerful Profound Energy spiraled out from the surroundings!