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Chapter 2676: Primordial Spirit Unites (4)

The impulse came exceptionally vigorously and in an instant, it swept away the last of his rationality.

“Li’er, you… you actually… did that to me…??”

Li Moying looked at her in disbelief.

Huang Yueli didn’t say a word because she knew that it was impossible to convince Li Moying. Moreover, this man’s determination was extremely astonishing. Just based on her trying to seduce him, she might not be able to waver his determination. But she had her determination and resolution. She wanted Li Moying to live on, regardless of the price!

Huang Yueli had a bewitching smile on her lips and her fingers caressed his chest.

This time with her adding oil to the fire, it made Li Moying’s blood go rampant.

He raised his head and panted heavily, hoping to control himself slightly. Even if it meant allowing him to find a slight hint of rationality, that would be good.

However, no matter how hard he tried, all he could feel was his consciousness becoming dizzier and his brain was blurry. He could only see the young lady in front of him as she gave off a faint scent…

“Li’er… Li’er! You’re so beautiful…”

Huang Yueli blinked and discovered Li Moying’s eyes were blurred.

She tried to probe by loosening his restraint and at the next moment, Li Moying suddenly flipped around…

Huang Yueli was hurt by his subconscious movement and gave off a dull moan.

When Li Moying heard that, his body stiffened and his actions halted.

Even under such strong medicinal effects, his subconscious did not allow him to hurt Huang Yueli.

However, she misunderstood that his withdrawal was an attempt to escape.

She instantly wrapped his hands around Li Moying’s neck and leaned close to him as she whispered in the man’s ear, “Moying, don’t go… Hug me… I won’t cry in pain again…”

This sticky-sweet voice paired with that soft posture and outstanding countenance…

Li Moying could not resist this young lady in his arms any longer.

There were several intense impacts on Sky Phoenix Ring in the past one hour and the ground kept shaking vigorously.

But that pair of the young couple, who were in a tight embrace, was totally unaware of the changes in the outside world.

They had waited for too long and experienced too many obstacles before they were truly together.

Perhaps, they were able to hug each other tightly for this short duration. Or perhaps, it wouldn’t take long before the two of them would die horribly in the blood pool.

But at least, at this moment, they could clearly sense each other’s deep love.

“Damn it, damn it this Big Demon Lord! Let go of my Master! Her consciousness is getting weaker… let go of her! You super-duper ultra big pervert! You lecher!”

As Sky Phoenix Ring’s spirit artifact, Little Wang Cai could sense Huang Yueli’s control over Sky Phoenix Ring was getting weaker as the both of them united. This meant to say that her primordial spirit was continuously weakening, and her consciousness was disappearing!

Little Wang Cai was extremely anxious, and he kept scratching at the door. He wanted to dash in from the room to pull the two of them apart!

However, Huang Yueli was determined to protect Li Moying’s life, so she had already made preparations in advance. She locked Little Phoenix in the hall and shut the room door tightly so that he could not come out and disturb them.