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Chapter 2659: Still not back (5)

However, Bai Liufeng clenched his teeth and stood up again. He swallowed a pill and continued to charge again! Everyone set off another launch of attacks at the boundary.

But the result was extremely devastating.

The Great Moon Great Array’s boundary was extremely secure. Even under the impact of five ninth stage realm practitioners attacks, it remained unmoved. Even Lord Zhan who was standing in the middle of the array was not affected. His benedictory voice was stable and continuous. The blood essence energy gathered in the array grew stronger and stronger!


Following a loud explosion, a bloody fog spurted out from the blood pool and charged into the sky!

Bai Liufeng and the others were sent flying by this impact and they flew a huge distance away. All of them landed on the ground, one after another.

This time, a few of them were injured all over. They mustered all their strength but were unable to climb back up.

“Dam… damnit! What is this Blood Moon Great Array… cough cough… it’s too powerful!” Liu Buyan said intermittently. As he coughed, blood flowed from the hand that was covering his mouth.

“What… what should we do! Sovereign and Grandmaster Huang have already… already fallen into the blood pool… Could it be…”

“No, no they won’t… cough cough. Divine Doctor Liu, do you still have any more pills…”

Everyone struggled and wanted to get up to continue fighting.

They knew that their little bit of power could not contribute much and might even end up fruitless. But as long as they did not see Huang Yueli and Li Moying’s corpses, no one was willing to give up!

Just at this moment, Bai Liufeng cried out in shock. “Quick… quickly look! The Blood Moon seems… seems to be ascending! How is that possible! How could this be! Could it be that Lass Li and… Moying has already…”

He was terrified by the guess in his heart and he totally could not bring himself to continue speaking.

But even if he didn’t say a word, everyone knew what he had in his mind.

The Blood Moon Great Array’s energy was originally depleting. But now with the newfound energy, it continued to ascend into the sky. That could only mean that Huang Yueli and Li Moying’s blood essence had been drawn!

Both of them had outstanding innate talents and their bloodlines were extremely pure. So that gave the Blood Moon Great Array a huge boost of energy!

The group was shocked. Only Huang Siluo stared at the ascending blood-colored moon. Her eyes were full of shock and bewilderment.

“The Blood Moon had indeed ascended! Thirty years ago, Sacred Phoenix Race’s prediction really came true! So… so it was like this… Even if I managed to escape, the prediction would still come true… it’s me…I caused Lass Li’s death…”

Huang Siluo’s face turned pale and she slowly shut her eyes, as though she had given up hope.

Everyone could not understand what she said. They turned to her and asked, “Madam Bai, what do you mean by those things that you said earlier? Prediction? What prediction? What happened thirty years ago?”

Huang Siluo’s eyes were tightly shut, as her expression seemed to be full of hesitation and struggles.

After some time, she opened her eyes. Giving a long sigh, she started to talk about the past.

“In Sacred Phoenix Race, we will hold a sacrificial ceremony once every ten years. We will kill high levelled magical beasts as sacrificial objects and at the same time, try to obtain a hint from Heavens. Ever since Soaring Heavens Continent and God Realm’s connecting path had been blocked out by the space barrier, this was the only way for the Sacred Phoenix Race to communicate with God Realm. On one of the sacrificial ceremonies thirty years ago, the previous Holy Maiden made a prediction and obtained an oracle.”