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Chapter 2654: It’s my turn to haunt you (6)

The speed of their descent became faster and faster.

No one could save them now.

Huang Yueli felt her blood essence boiling in her blood vessels. Her meridians and internal organs seemed to be on the verge of shattering.


Their bodies fell heavily on the water surface. Following that, they dropped down into the blood pool.

Huang Yueli was feeling dizzy and it took some time before she regained a little bit of consciousness.

Immediately following that, she realized that something was amiss.

She originally assumed that her blood essence would be sucked dry when she fell into the blood pool. Even if she did not turn into a dry corpse, she would suffer intolerable torment.

But now… she wasn’t suffering from any obvious pain. In fact, her meridians which were restrained seemed to be released. She had regained her control over her limbs.

Huang Yueli quickly opened her eyes and looked around. “Moying, Moying? Where are you?”

The blood pool’s water was extremely murky. They were powerful practitioners and could use their soul trace to check out the situation in the pool, but there was no way to “see” clearly.

“Li… Li’er…”

Hearing Li Moying’s low pitch moaning, Huang Yueli discovered that Li Moying was right above her. His hands propped against the ground. He was blocking the surging blood water for her, and he was taking on a majority part of the array’s suppression.

Li Moying’s brows furrowed tightly, and his face had a pained expression.

His endurance had always been extremely strong. So even if he met with a serious injury, he rarely showed this kind of look.

However, his body was uncontrollably shaking. The immense pressure that he took on was imaginable!

Moreover, blood was spilling out from the corners of Li Moying’s eyes and lips. The speed was growing faster and faster, and the blood was absorbed into the blood pool instantaneously!

His blood essence was swiftly depleting!

Huang Yueli immediately realized that Li Moying must have used some kind of cabala to forcefully break through the restraints so that he could help her ward off the majority of the energy in the blood pool. So that was why she felt that it was still bearable…

She stretched out her trembling hand and touched Li Moying’s face. “You… why are you doing this? Since I’ve fallen into the Blood Moon Great Array, I… I will definitely die. Why must you suffer so much because of me!”

Li Moying was in so much pain that he was writhing from head to toe. His eyes were tightly shut, and when he heard Huang Yueli’s transmitted voice, he forcibly opened his eyes.

That usual dazzling peach blossomed eyes radiated a tired look. But it maintained its usual determination.

“Consider… consider that I’m timid. Li’er, I’m… I’m really afraid to see you die in front of me. So, let me go f… first… oof pfft—!”

Li Moying could not finish his sentence.

The bloody water in the pool suddenly swirled faster than before, forming a huge whirlpool as it enveloped the both of them inside!

Li Moying used his body to block Huang Yueli. Under such powerful impact, he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood again!

“Moying—!” Huang Yueli cried out in fluster and tried to push him away.

However, Li Moying refused to budge and remained where he was.

Moreover, this time, he didn’t shut his eyes. He just stared at the young lass’s delicate face that was stained with the bloody water.

He knew that this could be his last chance to see this face.

If he did not engrave it into his memories, where was he going to find her in his next life?