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Chapter 2653: It’s my turn to haunt you (5)

There was no sadness beneath her eyes when she spoke. Instead, she smiled.

Li Moying couldn’t express the feeling he had. On one end, he was so angry that he wanted to strangle this disobedient young lass. But on the other end, he was so moved that he wished he could dig out his heart for her.

He tried hard to blink his eyes, holding back the tears his eyes.

They were already in this state, so he did not want to let Huang Yueli see him losing his self-control.

She should only retain his good-looking, refined looks in her memories. In this way, when they reunite in the future, they would not mistake each other’s identity.

“We’ve already come to such a pass. Only you can still smile in such situations!” He tried hard to soften his tone.

Huang Yueli smiled as though it was a load off her mind. “Of course I want to laugh. Didn’t you hear what Lord Zhan said? My bloodline is much purer than my mother’s, so that means he shouldn’t be going after my mother since he has already caught me! At least, my father and mother can escape from this place! As for me, I can accompany you here. To be frank, I have no more regrets…”

Li Moying’s heart jolted for a moment. Seconds later, he started to loosen up. “That’s right. At least we’ve saved Mother-in-law. It’s sad that there’s no way for us to live a happy life together. But Father-in-law and Mother-in-law have suffered for so long, at least there’s a good ending for them. That’s considered a fortunate thing! After today, Father-in-law will probably not say that I’m not worthy of you any longer right?”

Huang Yueli shook her head and burst out laughing. “Father’s just saying that on the surface. In actual fact, he appreciates you very much. He just feels that we just reunited after so many years, and he can’t bear for me to get married at such a young age… Luckily, I insisted on marrying you!”

“But you still married me too late! I’ve already proposed to you ever since the first time we met. But you refused to even look at me!” Li Moying recalled the first time when they met, and a glint of tenderness flashed past his eyes.

Huang Yueli pouted. “You have the cheek to say that? You can’t even remember your past life. I was the one who tried ways and means to make you recall! If it wasn’t for this, we would have gotten together long ago!”

“Alright,alright, what you say is right. It’s all my fault!” Li Moying naturally gave in to his little wife. Coaxing her was his specialty.

The both of them exchanged glances, and they could see the gratefulness in each other’s eyes.

If they were not married back then and things came to this now, it would probably be the biggest regret of their lives.

Even though they were about to die in this place now, they would still be buried in the same tomb and remembered as husband and wife.

No matter if they were alive or dead, their names would never be separated.

Lord Zhan’s benedictory voice started to culminate, and suddenly he stopped. His gaze turned towards the young man and woman who laid straight on the ground.

“In order for Heaven and Earth’s glory to return to Sacred Phoenix Race—”

“I offer our clan’s purest bloodline—”

“May the Sacred Phoenix’s Blood protect our clansmen forever—”

Following Lord Zhan’s prayers, Huang Yueli and Li Moying were lifted by a gust of Profound Energy.

However, their bodies dropped down into the underground.

Huang Yueli pursed her lips, trying her best to maintain her balance, and turned her head to have a look.

Right beneath them was the Blood Moon Great Array’s blood pool. It resembled a disgustingly greedy, malicious bloody mouth that had opened wide and was preparing to swallow them completely…