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Chapter 2627: Blood Moon Ascends (6)

Following Lord Zhan’s orders, everyone silently chanted the Sacrificial Ceremony’s prayers and the strong energy kept gathering in mid-air substantially.

Finally, the long prayers were coming close to the end.

Lord Zhan’s face flushed red with excitement and his deep voice was sonorous within Snow Phoenix Palace.

“After thousands of years of living in seclusion, we Sacred Phoenix Race’s survivors have finally waited for this day! Henceforth, we will no longer be trapped in this Continent with scarce resources and we will return to God Realm, to regain our ancient God Realm’s glory!”

“Blood Moon— ascends!”

Lord Zhan slowly raised his hands, and the blood qi that was pervading in the air intensified again.

Under his feet, the ground started to split open and the entire Blood Moon Great Array slowly revealed itself from below.

The current Blood Moon Great Array was no longer the same as what Huang Yueli and the others had seen months ago.

Those human practitioners who had been tied up on the poles had been completely sucked dry, not even leaving their corpses.

Even those Red Scorpions which were used to absorb the practitioners’ spiritual roots had all completely been refined, with no traces remaining.

So the blood essence and spiritual roots had all gathered into blood qi within the array. It dissipated powerful, evil, and cold energy.

Following Lord Zhan’s actions, the blood qi beneath his feet slowly ascended and it went higher and higher, as the density grew thicker and thicker.

The pungent blood stench was so strong that one was on the verge of throwing up.

Those Sacred Phoenix Race’s practitioners who were seated by the side of the Blood Moon Great Array were showing terrible and painful expressions but none of them dared to move recklessly as they tried their best to endure it.

The bloody mist’s color became stronger and stronger, thicker and thicker…

Moreover, when it was gradually gathering inwards to form into a huge round shape, it resembled a blood moon that appeared in the center of Snow Phoenix Palace.

Lord Zhan’s initial expression was cold, as he controlled this blood moon unhurriedly.

However, as time went by, the Blood Moon’s ascension grew slower and slower…

After a quarter of an hour had passed, the Blood Moon seemed to have stopped ascending as it stopped in mid-air, not moving at all.

All of the Sacred Phoenix Race’s practitioners found it strange but they didn’t dare to say a word or lift their heads. They only remained seated silently as they started praying again.


Suddenly, Lord Zhan’s expression changed. He clenched his teeth and suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood!

Following this mouthful of blood, the color in his face drained off totally!

The blood turned into a blood mist and instantly integrated into that ball of blood moon.

But, the blood moon merely moved another two inches and stopped once again.

Seeing this, all of Sacred Phoenix Race’s practitioners suddenly stopped their prayers!

Everyone was astonished and horrid to see this, and a bad premonition arose in their hearts!

According to the plan that Lord Zhan had described to everyone, to break through the space barrier that was covering Soaring Heavens Continents, the most basic step was to make use of Blood Moon Spell’s energy. It had to first ascend the blood moon into the sky to pierce through the space barrier. While the space barrier was damaged and with the appearance of the cracks, using the Sky Phoenix Ring’s shattered pieces and sacrificing their Holy Maiden’s blood, the ceremony would be completed, and they would be able to break through the space barrier in one go!

From the looks of it, the blood moon had just risen and merely touched the roof in Snow Phoenix Palace. But it seemed as though… it had stopped moving?

They wondered if the energy within the Blood Moon Great Array wasn’t enough, or was it due to the wrong sacrificial method?