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Chapter 2621: Rescue (8)

“It’s done. Mother, try moving around!” Huang Yueli retracted her hand and smiled broadly.

Huang Siluo was slightly stunned, “W… What?”

Huang Yueli smiled and said, “I’ve already modified the Nine-piece Insight Lock. We shouldn’t attract Lord Zhan’s attention if we leave now.”

When Huang Siluo heard that, she was rather dubious about it. But she accepted Huang Yueli’s request and injected Profound Energy into the Insight Lock.

Profound Energy slowly seeped into the Insight Lock’s core area and Huang Siluo immediately noticed the difference.

In the past, as long as there were slight Profound Energy fluctuations, the Insight Lock would immediately rebound with twice the power, causing bouts of pain in her meridians.

But now, she had already released fifty percent of her Profound Energy and everything was as per normal. There was no discomfort at all.

“This… could it be…. real…” Huang Siluo was unable to describe her shock and could only stare blankly at her daughter.

How could such a thing… possibly be real?

That was… that was a half-god relic!

She… was she dreaming?

How would Huang Yueli not understand what her mother’s expression meant?

She instantly laughed and said, “Looks like there’s no problem! Alright, we must immediately leave this place!”

Li Moying had been accompanying Huang Yueli silently all this while. Upon hearing her words, he instantly held her hand and led her towards the door.

“Ai, wait! Father and Mother…”

Huang Yueli turned her head and took a look, only to realize that Bai Liufeng was following right behind them with Huang Siluo in his arms. It was then that she was at ease.

Huang Siluo still had not recovered her senses because of Huang Yueli’s outstanding armament refining skills hence she did not put up any resistance. In this way, she was brought out by them.

Cang Po Jun, Cang Po Yu, and Liu Buyan had been keeping guard at the door. On one hand, they were observing the situation around them, ensuring that no one came near the room. On the other hand, they did not want to interrupt their precious family reunion time.

Now, on seeing the four of them appearing, Liu Buyan’s immediately lit up. “You’re finally out!”

His glance landed on Huang Siluo instantly and an appreciative expression was seen in his eyes. “This lady here must be Aunty! You’re indeed the same as what Junior Sister and Marquis Bai described. A dignified, magnanimous beauty!”

Liu Buyan had always been termed as a Casanova, and praises of a lady’s beauty naturally came easily to him.

When Bai Liufeng heard his praises, he smiled complacently, “Isn’t that so? You have good eyesight!”

Huang Siluo blushed from his words, “You’ve overpraised me… May I know who you are…”

Liu Buyan replied, “I’m Bai Ruoli’s Senior Brother, Liu Buyan. Both of us are disciples of Dai Boqi and we are learning medical skills from him. Hence…”

“You… you are Liu Buyan!!!” Huang Siluo was stunned, as she almost jumped up!

Liu Buyan’s title as Number One Divine Doctor had long spread throughout the entire Soaring Heavens Continent. Before Huang Siluo was imprisoned, she had already heard of his name multiple times. It could be said that his name was a legend!

Never in her wildest dream had she thought that among the group of people who came forward to save her today, Number One Divine Doctor was also among them?


“Wait, you say you are Lass Li’s Senior Brother? Lass Li is learning medical skills as well??” Huang Siluo thought that she had heard him wrongly due to her over-excitement.

This matter was simply inconceivable!