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Chapter 2620: Rescue (7)

Seeing Bai Liufeng not answering her, Huang Siluo felt extremely anxious. If she were able to move, she would probably not be able to control herself from punching him!

But now, her meridians were being restrained and she was immovable. Hence, she could only shift her gaze onto the last person there.

“This… you.. you’re called Li Moying right? I order you to bring Lass Li away from this place right now! Don’t allow her to continue staying in this place!” Huang Siluo stared at Li Moying and said in a commanding tone.

She thought that Li Moying was a junior, and since she had already told him what to do, he would obediently reciprocate.

In the end, Li Moying merely took a fleeting glance at her and said softly, “Mother-in-law, I’m sorry but I cannot obey your command!”

“You…” Huang Siluo was exasperated!

All of them, no one actually listened to her at all?’

She was doing this for them! It had been so many years already and she had already mentally prepared herself to die. But she really didn’t want anyone else to die for her! Do these people know her intentions at all?

“Li Moying, how can you do this? You’ve married my daughter so you ought to protect her and treat her well! How can you allow her to stay in such a dangerous place? If anything were to happen to her, what will you do to compensate? Liufeng said that you treated our daughter very well, but I think it’s just so-so!” Huang Siluo glowered at him, as she expressed her displeasure.

This was a heart-wrenching moment to say these.

To Li Moying, anyone could doubt all they like in any aspect. But he totally could not stand anyone doubting his true love for Huang Yueli.

But on account that this was Huang Yueli’s mother whom she had not met for years, he merely frowned and just swallowed his anger.

“Mother-in-law, my love towards Li’er is something that even Heaven had witnessed and not something that is decided by a few words that you say! I only know that to treat her well, would be to respect her choices. No matter which dangerous place she goes to, I will not stop her, but just accompany her at all times! Anyway, when a practitioner cultivates, it is always a heaven-defying decision. If we can die together, it would be a fortunate thing! Mother-in-law, if you feel that Snow Phoenix Palace is too dangerous, then just coordinate with us so that we can draw the risk to the lowest.”

Huang Siluo’s eyes opened wide as she took a clear look at this young man in front of her for the first time.

Li Moying’s face was simply too good-looking. Even though Sacred Phoenix Race’s clansmen had all outstanding looks, but none of them were comparable to Li Moying.

Moreover, there was a superiority presence coming from him. It was sharp and unyielding, which one could not resist against!

This was totally not something that should happen to this young man…

Even if it was meeting his Mother-in-law who had God clan parentage, Li Moying didn’t show any reverence at all. He was neither overbearing nor servile and appeared steady and firm. He even dared to lecture her!

Of course, the most important thing was…

Li Moying’s intentions that he expressed earlier, made Huang Siluo see him in a new light.

A true couple who were in love with each other understood the ideology of mutual respect. Especially at the moments when the practitioners were facing a life and death crisis, one was a weakling if they stood and refused to move forward just because of fear.

Li Moying himself wasn’t a weakling and moreover, he was willing to accompany Huang Yueli in braving all the dangers together.

In the long journey of a practitioner’s cultivation, only this kind of partner would truly allow them to take the step forward, together towards the peak.

Thinking of this point, Huang Siluo’s gaze towards Li Moying started to soften.

Just at this moment, Huang Yueli also stopped.