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Chapter 2619: Rescue (6)

“Moreover, this Nine-piece Insight Lock is Sacred Phoenix Race’s rare treasure. Even if it was in God Realm, not many people could decode it! Don’t bother wasting time on me. Leave me here and quickly go!” Huang Siluo kept urging them to leave.

But Huang Yueli smiled slightly and said, “Mother, you’re worrying too much! Although we are pressed for time and I have never decoded the Nine-piece Insight Lock before, but I can still try to modify it slightly. I only need to do the necessary adjustments to screen out Mother’s presence for a short period, so that you can escape from Snow Phoenix Palace. After that, I will use some rare treasures and there should be a chance to decode the Insight Lock.”

Her hands were fiddling non-stop while she was speaking.

Huang Siluo was originally burning with anxiety as she had already deemed that Huang Yueli would not be able to decode the Nine-piece Insight Lock!

The highest ranking Armament Master in Soaring Heavens Continent was merely at ninth rank. Moreover, it had been many years since a ninth ranked Armament Master had appeared.

Her Lass Li was only sixteen years old. She’s still so young, so even if she had outstanding innate talent in armament refining, it’s not possible for her to attain ninth ranked at such a young age, right?

No, not to mention ninth rank. If she could reach sixth rank, she was already comparable to God Realm’s first-rated genius!

Lass Li was spending so much time researching the Insight Lock on her, and it would just end up wasting her effort. It would also delay the amount of time they had to escape!

However, no matter how she persuaded, Huang Yueli was still fully concentrated on researching the Insight Lock.

She observed it for some time and raising both hands, she swiftly struck out several hand gestures!

Huang Yueli’s speed was extremely fast and her slender fingers kept moving around in the air. Her pose was elegant and beautiful, and there was a unique rhythm to it, as though she was dancing!

The Profound Energy in her body also started to dispel along with her actions, A faint glow formed on her fingertips and her hands were enveloped within.

Seeing this, Huang Siluo’s persuasion came to an abrupt stop!

She was an ancient God Clan’s Holy Maiden so her horizons and knowledge were broad. By this time, she could already tell that Huang Yueli had an extremely high mastery in armament refining, and she was a genuine genius!

When she refined armaments, her Profound Energy was temperate and refined. That was equivalent to the standard of an eighth ranked Armament Master!

But Huang Siluo was merely shocked for a few moments and she started persuading them in an even anxious tone, “Lass Li, that’s enough. There’s no need to try any longer. Quickly leave with your father now!”

Her Lass Li was not only pretty. She had such high armament refining innate talent as well!

Such an outstanding daughter like her should have a boundless future. If she were to die at this place just to save her, then Siluo would not be able to forgive herself!

She had never fulfilled her duty as her mother so now, how could she cause her daughter’s death?

But no matter what she said, Huang Yueli just remained silent as she was fully concentrated on completing the task on her hand.

Bai Liufeng too kept an eye on Huang Yueli and did not respond to Huang Siluo.

He could understand his wife’s feelings right now. But they were already at this stage, so the only chance they had to save Huang Siluo was right now. How would he possibly give up at this juncture?

Moreover, Bai Liufeng understood Huang Yueli very well.

This lass wasn’t very old but as long as she said that she could do something, then she would do it!

She would definitely be able to do something to the Insight Lock!