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Chapter 2618: Rescue (5)

Huang Yueli blinked and took a meaningful glance at how gentle her father looked.

She thought to herself, everything had its vanquisher indeed!

Her father would bark at Li Moying every single day and he was extremely fierce. But towards her mother, he was this gentle…

Bai Liufeng held out his hand to Huang Siluo and wanted to pull her.

But whoever knew that when he just touched her, Huang Siluo suddenly withdrew her hand and even shuffled back several steps.

“… Siluo?” Bai Liufeng was astonished.

She appeared to be very flustered and kept shaking her head as she urged, “No, no way, I can’t leave with all of you!”

Bai Liufeng frowned and said, “It’s already at this crucial moment, so stop being so cautious and indecisive! Surely you are aware that Lord Zhan will take your life at this Sacrificial Ceremony! You’d better hurry and leave with us. If you don’t, it’d be too late!”

Saying that he tried to pull her hand again.

However, Huang Siluo’s cultivation wasn’t weak as well and she quickly evaded him again.

“No way, I really can’t leave with you!” Her face was fraught with anxiety, “Today is Sacred Phoenix Race’s Sacrificial Ceremony and it’s the most important ceremony in the entire clan. As their Holy Maiden, it’s normal for me to sacrifice for the clansman so I cannot leave! I’m already very satisfied to be able to meet you one more time, and to see our Lass Li before I die! You’d better hurry and leave. There’s still time now. The guards in Snow Phoenix Palace are slightly less than usual so I will think of a way to protect you all!”

Bai Liufeng’s expression sank in a second. He felt both anxious and helpless, “What are you talking about? Our purpose in coming here today is to save you, so how can we leave without you? Stop saying so much, we must leave immediately!”

He walked up once again and tried to grab her hand. This time, he used some Profound Energy and finally managed to lock onto her wrist.

“No, I… I can’t…”

Huang Siluo could not move, but she was still furiously shaking her head.

Bai Liufeng pretended as though he didn’t hear her objections, carried her up, and wanted to leave immediately.

Huang Siluo hurriedly said, “Liufeng, let me go! Lord Zhan had left a Nine-piece Insight Lock and I can’t be away from him for more than one thousand meters! As long as I step out of that zone, he will find out immediately. By then, you won’t be able to leave even if you wanted to! Moreover, the Sacrificial Ceremony is a big event for the entire Sacred Phoenix Race, so I can’t just leave like this…”

Bai Liufeng frowned when he heard what she said.

He automatically ignored her last sentence and looked at Huang Yueli, “Lass Li, can you remove the Nine-piece Insight Lock?”

Huang Yueli swiftly walked over.

Huang Siluo was still trying hard to persuade them, “Liufeng, Lass Li, quickly leave and stop wasting time! This Nine-piece Insight Lock is a half-god relic that had been passed down since ancient times within our Sacred Phoenix Race. As long as both parties who wear it are related by blood, there is no way to remove it!”

However, Huang Yueli didn’t say a word and merely squatted down. She took a careful look at the gold bracelet on her mother’s ankle.

Her brows creased and she pondered for a moment, and said, “The materials of this Insight Lock is extremely tough and the mechanism inside required bloodline to activate it. So it is indeed very difficult to decode it for the time being…”

When Huang Siluo heard that, she hurriedly quipped, “That’s right. A half-god relic has already exceeded Soaring Heavens Continent’s Armament Master’s standard so it’s impossible to decode it!”