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Chapter 2617: Rescue (4)

Huang Siluo had a huge shock!

For so many years, she naturally had thought of this. If she ever had a chance to meet with her daughter, Lass Li was a little beauty.

But never in her wildest dream did she ever thought that Huang Yueli was married!

A practitioner with outstanding innate talent practically did not get married so early.

Even for her and Bai Liufeng, they only got married when they were around twenty years old. And back then, it was also a huge gossip that overwhelmed the entire South Sky Region!

Whereas now, her Li’er actually… got married at sixteen years old?

Could it be that Bai Liufeng did not take good care of his daughter, and did not let her cultivate properly? Instead, he behaved like those men who preferred sons over daughters, thus he coerced his daughter to get married at such a young age?

Thinking of this, Huang Siluo couldn’t help but stare hard at Bai Liufeng.

How would Bai Liufeng not understand her intention? So he hurriedly explained, “Siluo, things are not like what you imagined! Lass Li indeed got married a little too early, but she insisted on marrying that brat herself! This lass is as stubborn as you were in the past, so her father, I could not outtalk her! Moreover, Li Moying’s innate talent is excellent and he’s only slightly over twenty but he’s already a top exponent in the Continent. Adding on to the fact that he looks good, he’s rather compatible with our daughter and he takes really good care of Lass Li! I won’t choose a son-in-law so randomly!”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli and Li Moying were slightly surprised.

Li Moying couldn’t help but lift his brows as he revealed a smile.

He really couldn’t tell that usually, Bai Liufeng would find all sorts of reasons to crack him down, and also hurl all sorts of disdainful words at him. But in truth, his father-in-law seemed to admire him!

But, this was only reasonable. There wasn’t a second person in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent who was more compatible with Huang Yueli than him!

However, Huang Siluo did not agree with his actions so easily, just because of these comments by Bai Liufeng.

“Even if this young man isn’t too bad, I also believe that your foresight wouldn’t go wrong. But Li’er is only sixteen this year! Can’t you just let them get engaged first? She got married at such a young age, what if it delays her cultivation?”

Bai Liufeng’s thinking was the same as Huang Siluo’s.

As for the reason why he agreed for them to get married, was something that he didn’t dare to say…

However, Li Moying didn’t have the same kind of misgiving as Bai Liufeng, while he was tangled in his own emotions.

He immediately said to Huang Siluo. “Mother-in-law, please don’t blame father-in-law. He originally intended to head over to Snow Phoenix Palace to save you alone, and he was worried that if he died here, no one would take care of Li’er. Hence, he kept pressing us to get married. But Li’er was worried about you and insisted on coming along!”

Huang Siluo was stunned and instantly understood what happened, “So it’s like this…”

Li Moying nodded his head and before Bai Liufeng had a chance of expression, he swiftly said, “Alright, the time’s not early anymore and if there’s anything else to say, let’s wait until we leave this place safely! Now, we’d better start to take action!”

Hearing that, Bai Liufeng’s fury was swallowed back forcefully. He kept it in so much that he almost threw up blood.

“Right, what Moying said is correct, we have to leave this place quickly!” He stared at Li Moying and hissed through his clenched teeth.

He didn’t want Huang Siluo to worry, but he wasn’t willing to tell her the truth. But in the end, Li Moying exposed him in one second!

This stinky brat, he was really going against him!

But when he looked at Huang Siluo, his gaze instantly turned gentle, “Siluo, come with me!”