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Chapter 2616: Rescue (3)

Huang Siluo was stunned and a trace of revelation unfolded, “Lass Li? You… you mean to say…”

Although it was a question, Huang Siluo’s heart started to pound wildly!

She thought of what the young lady said to hear earlier. But because of Bai Liufeng’s sudden appearance, she cast this thought behind momentarily. But now that Bai Liufeng mentioned this again…

Huang Siluo raised her head in shock and looked at Huang Yueli once again.

Bai Liufeng said proudly in her ears, “Siluo, this is our daughter, Lass Li. She looks very like you, right? Not only is she a great beauty, but she is also a genius practitioner with excellent innate talent, exactly like you!”

“Lass Li! She really is our daughter!” Huang Siluo trembled as she spoke, and she could no longer control the agitation in her heart. She ran up to Huang Yueli and held her tightly in her arms.

Huang Yueli also responded to her hug and greeted her sweetly.

Although this was the first time she met Huang Siluo, the feeling of kinship in their blood subconsciously made her develop an intimacy towards her mother.

Huang Siluo was extremely agitated when she saw her daughter. She was unwilling to let go of her, even after they have hugged for a long time.

Huang Yueli’s large eyes also slowly filled with tears.

These days, Bai Liufeng was worried that she would blame Huang Siluo for not accompanying her, hence he had been saying a lot of nice things about her.

The truth was, Huang Yueli had never once blamed Huang Siluo.

Even though her mother left her when she was just one year old, but that was because she was trying to keep her safe. Hence, she chose to leave alone…

“Lass Li, my Lass Li… you’ve already grown so tall now… your eyes are so alike your father…” Huang Siluo’s voice choked and her tears kept falling, rolling down her cheeks.

Huang Yueli felt a mixture of feelings right now.

Once, she thought that she did not have any relatives in both lifetimes and was destined to be a loner. Whoever knows that in this lifetime, Heaven was so kind to her. She first found her father Bai Liufeng, and later she found out that she had a mother who loved her so much…

Bai Liufeng watched the two teary-eyed mother and daughter pair and felt rather touched and he too rubbed his red rims.

The two of them indulged in such a touching atmosphere but at this moment in time, another shuffle of footsteps was heard.

Li Moying’s sightly cold tone rang in the room, “Li’er, Father-in-law, how’s the situation? Why aren’t you coming out after such a long time?”

Huang Yueli abruptly regained her senses as she lifted her head from Huang Siluo’s embrace. “Ah! I’m sorry, I was too agitated and wasted too much time…”

Li Moying walked over and seeing her little fox’s red eyes, he felt a little heartache. But before he could say anything else, he swiftly explained the situation on the outside. “Lord Zhan had already started to Blood Moon Great Array again and the Sacrificial Ceremony is going to kick off officially. The security outside is now at its weakest, so we have to grab hold of time quickly!”

Huang Siluo was stunned by his words, “You… you are…”

Li Moying cupped his hands in greeting at Huang Siluo, “Mother-in-law, I am Li Moying, a disciple of Blue Profound Sect. I am also from South Yue Kingdom and have been engaged to Li’er since we were young. Some time ago, under Father-in-law’s witness, Li’er and I have officially got married.”

“Huh? You… you and Li’er are already married! But, Li’er is only… only just sixteen?”