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Chapter 2615: Rescue (2)

Thinking of this, Huang Siluo’s eyes gradually dampened, and a tear also fell.

She wasn’t feeling disappointed that Bai Liufeng had not taken the risk to infiltrate in to save her. Instead, she was feeling rather fortunate over this.

She knew that her death was confirmed, but there was no need for Bai Liufeng to sacrifice his life for her.

She hoped that he would live on properly, and protect their daughter well. That he would be able to see her grow up, cultivate and advance…

She would be satisfied with this outcome, although she did not have the chance to see this…

“Liufeng, Lass Li, I hope that the both of you can lead a good life…”

“Of course we are leading a good life!” A sweet and melodious voice suddenly rang from a distance away.

Huang Siluo went into a short blank, totally not expecting anyone to appear in this room. Moreover, that person even spoke.

In order not to interrupt Holy Maiden to “pray for Sacred Phoenix Race”, Lord Zhan had sent a strict order, prohibiting anyone else to step into this room.

“Who’s that…” Huang Siluo raised her head and was just about to ask.

However, when her eyes met that young lady in front of her, she was completely stunned.

Huang Yueli smiled brightly at Huang Siluo but the rims of her eyes revealed faint dampness, “Mother, I’m Bai Ruoli. Weren’t you just missing me a moment ago? Why is it that once we’ve met, you don’t recognize me any longer?”

“You… you…” Huang Siluo’s eyes widened as she stared at the young lady who looked exceptionally similar to her. Her tongue was still tied and she could not say a single word at all.

Just from this young girl’s looks, she indeed looked too similar to her. But that pair of eyes was exactly the same as Bai Liufeng’s.

Who… was she?

Could she really be Lass Li? This… how was this possible?

Just as Huang Siluo was in a daze, the room door opened once again. A tall man hurriedly barged in and as he ran, he kept firing his questions, “Lass Li, how is it? Have you found your mother yet? How is she?”

Huang Yueli blinked her large eyes, “Mother’s right here. But she seems a little too agitated when she saw me?”

“What?” Bai Liufeng turned his head joyfully and saw Huang Siluo who was seated on the sofa. An immense joy instantly filled his heart.

He totally could not control the agitation in him as he shot right towards Huang Siluo. Stretching his arms, he pulled her into his embrace.

“Siluo, Siluo! Are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?” He loosened his grip on Huang Siluo and lowered his head to check on her.

Huang Siluo hastily held onto his hand and looked at him in shock, “Liufeng… it’s really you?? You… how could you possible… how did you manage to come in?”

“Of course, we infiltrated through the mechanism! Haven’t you given me the mechanism distribution map previously?” Bai Liufeng gave a simple explanation.

Huang Siluo was having mixed emotions. She originally thought that Bai Liufeng had given up on saving her, but she did not expect him to appear at the very last minute.

But this was too dangerous!

Lord Zhan had made preparations for the Sacrificial Ceremony for a few decades so he wouldn’t allow this ceremony to fail!

Bai Liufeng was simply looking for his own death, to come and save her at this moment.

Thinking of this, she hurriedly pushed Bai Liufeng and said, “No way, you have to quickly leave this place!”

Bai Liufeng grabbed her wrist, “I will leave this place, together with you! Right, also together with our Lass Li!”