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Chapter 2614: Rescue (1)

“The Eldest Brother that I liked when I was young, was that talented, handsome young man who was not arrogant at all. Instead, you were concerned about every clansman, unlike now, a psycho who would resort to any methods just to attain your motive! You want me to sacrifice my life for Sacred Phoenix Race. That, I can agree to you. But what right do you have, to make so many innocent practitioners give up their lives, just for your ambition?”

The more Huang Siluo said, the more agitated she became, and she could no longer maintain the earlier calm.

Because what Lord Zhan said was right. She had once admired this Eldest Brother, Huang Zhanxiao very much.

But as they grew up, the valiant and brave Eldest Brother in her memories, slowly turned into an ambitious man.

However much she admired him back then, it was the same amount of despise that she had for him now!

Lord Zhan listened to her lamenting with a cold face and he burst out in laughter. “Amusing. They are just a bunch of lowly humans, but they dare to compare with ancient God clan like us? It’s their glory for us to offer their blood to open the path to God Realm!”

Huang Siluo looked at him and the fury in her eyes slowly extinguished and turned into sympathy.

“Huang Zhanxiao, you’re hopeless! Your heart is so twisted. Even if you manage to reach God Realm, you might not be able to stabilize your footing in the clan, to ascend to a Life Realm!”

“Is that so? I wouldn’t trouble Third Sister to worry for me!” Lord Zhan was indifferent when he heard that. “This Seat would naturally become a first-rated top exponent in God Realm, and add brilliance to our Sacred Phoenix Race. Third Sister will just have to see this from the underground! Eldest Brother… will not embarrass you!”

He smirked and continued talking, “The Sacrificial Ceremony’s about to start and our clansmen are almost reaching soon. Eldest Brother will be heading to preside the ceremony. In about two hours, it will be Third Sister’s turn to debut. Now, just quieten your heart and treasure your last moments! If you have any wish, you can tell your female attendants. After I ascend to God Realm, I will help you realize your wishes!”

Lord Zhan originally wanted to use this last moment to show a kind gesture, exhibiting his rare sibling love.

Whoever knew that Huang Siluo hated him to the core, and she wasn’t willing to coordinate with him at all.

She had thoroughly infuriated Lord Zhan, and his deep sibling love show could no longer continue.

Huang Siluo remained calm and said, “I have no other wishes. Eldest Brother, please go!”

Lord Zhan gave a cold snort and flicked his sleeves as he left!

After Lord Zhan left, Huang Siluo’s fake peacefulness disappeared without a trace.

To her, death was nothing to be afraid of.

Like what Lord Zhan said previously, her sacrifice this round was not only for Lord Zhan alone. As long as the space barrier could be opened up, all the clansmen would benefit from it. As their Holy Maiden, she had no intention to back down from this.

But she did worry about something.

Her heart was still thinking about Bai Liufeng and her daughter. That year, after she had been captured back to Snow Phoenix Palace by Lord Zhan, Bai Ruoli had barely turned one year old. Her little face was a combination of both parents’ merits and one could tell that she would be a peerless beauty in the future.

Now, her little girl should have grown up. So she wondered if her little girl was exactly the beauty that she had imagined?

Alas, she would never get the chance to see how her Lass Li looked like.