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Chapter 2608: She already knows (5)

Liu Buyan reciprocated, gave a soft sigh, and didn’t said anything else.

Li Moying kept daggering the former with his eyes, as though he was going to eliminate him. However, it was all too late.

Huang Yueli had already found out about the truth and his expression turned dark.

Li Moying hurriedly walked up and leaned near her again, “Li’er, you.. listen to me. I didn’t intentionally hide this from you, but…..”

“But, you feel that I’m just a woman. So I should just obediently allow you to protect me. It’s not necessary for me to know about all these, is that so?” Huang Yueli cut off his words and lifted her watery eyes as she looked calmly at him.

Li Moying met her insipid eyes and his heart jolted.

He knew that since his lie had already been exposed if he continued to tell lies, he would completely infuriate Huang Yueli.

So he could only lower his head and say, “Li’er, I admit that I indeed am hiding this from you. But I absolutely did not have the intention to look down on you… I just… just feel that, since my primordial spirit can no longer be cured, then why don’t I just accept the truth. There wouldn’t be any use to let you know about it. Instead, I will just make one more person worried about me.”

“Really?” Huang Yueli’s brows rose and ignored him. She turned to face Liu Buyan.

“Senior Brother, is there really no possibility of curing Moying’s damaged primordial spirit?”

Li Moying’s heart was pounding wildly. Originally, his damaged primordial spirit wasn’t a big secret. What he didn’t want Huang Yueli to know was the way to completely cure his condition!

Moreover, he tried to divert this topic astray several times, but he hadn’t been successful in his attempts.

Huang Yueli’s line of thinking was very clear and she instantly got the main point in a second.

Li Moying stared at Liu Buyan as he wanted badly to stuff his mouth! But now that he was in front of Huang Yueli, there was nothing he could do!

Liu Buyan coughed slightly and said, “About this…. primordial spirit’s damage is indeed a serious problem. If it was a missing limb, there would be genuine rare treasures that could make a crippled limb regrow. But for damages on the primordial spirit, moreover, it had been split apart forcefully, I’ve read up on many medical books to find out on the medicinal herbs to treat this injury but until now, I’ve not heard of anything that could be of help…”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli’s expression grew paler, “In this case, there’s really no hope?”

Liu Buyan hurriedly said, “Junior Sister, don’t be so anxious. I haven’t heard of it doesn’t mean others haven’t heard of it. Perhaps there might be this kind of medicinal pill in God Realm! We just have to find ways to get more information on this. Anyway, based on Li Moying’s current condition, other than him being unable to raise his cultivation, he isn’t affected in any other area so you need not be too worried for now.”

Hearing that, Li Moying was rather surprised as his brows rose while looking at Liu Buyan.

He thought that Liu Buyan would expose his secret once again! In the end… he was so tight-lipped.

Liu Buyan detected Li Moying’s gaze and the expression on his face didn’t change at all. He gave Huang Yueli a composed look.

If it were any other matters, he would definitely not wait to spill Li Moying’s secrets.

But for him to recover his primordial spirit, it was necessary to sacrifice Huang Yueli. For the sake of his Junior Sister, Liu Buyan would absolutely not spill the beans on this matter.

Regarding this point, he and Li Moying were on the same side.

“Is there really no other way?” Huang Yueli’s brows creased slightly as she felt both touched and upset.